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Whistle-blower alleges N.C. Hospitals Gamed Health Plan & Inflated Charges

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Whistle-blower alleges N.C. Hospitals Gamed Health Plan & Inflated Charges

by Modern Healthcare | Modern Healthcare | September 7, 2015

Whistle-blower alleges N.C. Hospitals Gamed Health Plan & Inflated Charges

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note:

Artificially inflated charges are a reality in the healthcare markets and in your life.

A whistle-blower initiated lawsuit demonstrates here the crony, artificial ways by which some market players, in corrupt systems, inflate the cost of your underlying medical care.

Inflated charges is what all manner of unprincipled people and organizations seek. They desire and act upon, more than most, the grand lie of “something for nothing.” Since “something for nothing” is not true, such people and organizations, public or private sector and any combination otherwise, resort to plunder, or theft.

Bear in mind that this specific case concerning inflated charges stands, officially at the moment, as simply an allegation.

Sovereign Liberty Solutions nor myself do not and will not, in this case or any other, imply SPECIFIC guilt. However, the over-abundance of these sorts of cases as well as demonstrated and undeniable facts, which create a preponderance of evidence, prove without a shadow of doubt that the healthcare markets generally are gamed much like a casino.

Remember: The House always wins. 

And you and I and your local physician or care professional are NOT the House.

Please be mindful that proven cases of these alleged actions, both from the ‘public’ sector side as well as the ‘commercial side,’ [often times these sides intersect and cooperate, or collude, in their thievery] pop up again and again in not only the healthcare market but others as well. 

Of particular importance, notice how this article demonstrates that certain people and organizations seek to limit CHOICE. In doing so, in restricting the end customer’s ability to voluntarily purchase a product without force, fraud, or coercion, we see, once again, opportunity to inflate price.

The opportunity to inflate price produces, of course, inflated prices, which is bad for you and me and many practitioners of care. Unfortunately, the latter more and more deal with administrative and excessive regulatory burden, along with cartel-like manipulations and schemes, which all go hand-in-hand, in being able to provide care, which pushes up price to you and me. 

Rip offs happen when choice is removed, hidden, or denied. We each have the responsibility to demand and act upon our individual discernment of what is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

When you pay for something you deserve to be treated well. Actually, really, when you pay for something you are meant to be SERVED, and served well so as to produce a real VOLUNTARY, win/win relationship. But this cannot happen when your ability to CHOOSE is restricted.

Fortunately there are solutions. We individually can act to discover and even create CHOICE.


(…) The suit alleged both systems required employees to go through MedCost for their health benefits. The preferred provider organization plans then artificially inflated benefit expenses by negotiating generous contracts with the hospitals.

That would add tens of millions of dollars to Medicare reimbursement charges, the suit said, by inflating the regional wage index that the CMS uses to set local reimbursement rates.

Medicare requires hospitals to report any payments to organizations they own or control. The suit also alleges that the two hospitals hid MedCost’s ownership structure. Under federal rules, hospitals can be forced to reimburse Medicare if they pay money to a related party without disclosure, the paper reported.

The suit also alleged inflating charges through the wholly-owned insurance arm harmed employees since it allowed the two systems to overcharge workers for their healthcare. The Labor Department is investigating those charges, the paper said.

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Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

Sovereign Liberty Solutions

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