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THE 3 BIG Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About High Medical Costs

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THE 3 BIG Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know About High Medical Costs

Secret # 1: High Medical Costs…Where’s the Price Tag?


There is nothing incredibly hard to understand here, right? Perhaps you may have even realized this before, but it certainly is not a concept that appears to be readily observed and acted upon by most of us.

I hear lots about health insurance premium costs and “what is not covered” and other health insurance related expenses.

I hear nothing, though, about the cost of the underlying care.

What is important is this: we typically have high medical costs! Despite this truth, we still insist on speaking of and focusing on the insurance side but say or do virtually nothing concerning the care side.

Isn’t that interesting?

Walls protecting high medical costs need to be knocked down or overcome. More affordable healthcare requires more price transparency!

Price is important. Knowing what something costs is uuuuuusually a pretty smart thing and something that each of us DEMANDS.

Dare a grocer not list prices of the various food products for sale? Would YOU shop at such an establishment? Probably not, but if so, hey, I have an email from a Prince Abu-Bu-Bu of Somalia that you may be interested in and a bridge that I’d like to sell you. Oh, and unicorns are real and excrete gold coins…you get the idea.

Back on track, price is demonstrably important in your life and mine. This is true in any market and for anything we may need to buy EXCEPT, SUPPOSEDLY, healthcare. The truth, as you can probably guess, is otherwise.


Seriously, even black market drug prices are more transparent than that for healthcare markets!

Yes, it is so–just perform a keyword internet browser search. Sooooooo, it’s easier to “get stoned” than to get care? Hey, truth is stranger than fiction!

So you might be asking, “What can I do?”


Do not follow the bouncy little ball that politicians, big media systems, and heavily interested market industries and key market actors put out there for you and me. They have a vested interest in our ignorance on this important observation that ought to and can be acted upon. Many of them actually LIKE high medical costs! 

Isn’t it interesting that with all of the interventions and promises to make healthcare more affordable things only seem to get worse? And worsening conditions only prompt more promises and then, like clockwork, high medical costs that only go higher and then higher with more and more promises and misplaced hope.

You see, distraction is vital to keeping people from determining the ACTUAL problem with healthcare. Perhaps you haven’t heard, but let me be the one to break it to you: goldfish have greater attention spans than many of us apparently. Yikes.

Goldfish swimming

Does Goldy the goldfish here have a greater attention span than you? I think not. Let’s be focused enough to uncover lies and realize that we need to find prices if we expect to deal with high medical costs

Now I am not anti-goldfish or anything, but I know each person can do better. Yes, you can do better than a goldfish at being focused. I’m no saint or specially a huge believer in humanity for daring to think this. I’m just being logical here—and perhaps a bit stubborn, but hey, at least for good reason. Or maybe I’m biased against goldfish.

Seriously though, the next time that figurative bouncy ball or shiny object is paraded around by the usual crowd, remember the importance of PRICE in the care that you pay for in regards to the health of you and your family.

Remember that reducing underlying HIGH MEDICAL COSTS is the ticket to you saving money.

I REPEAT and this time EMPHASIZE:

The price of your HEALTHCARE and NOT your HEALTHCARE INSURANCE is what you need to focus on here. High medical costs, not high healthcare insurance costs is the problem. The meaning behind this statement will be more fully realized after discovering Secret #2 below.

Everything else besides finding the RELEVANT price tags is a distraction. Realize that it is high medical costs and NOT costly healthcare insurance coverage that is the core problem.

Secret #2: Insurance and Government is NOT Meant to Buy Everything for you


[Wonky Note: I am purposefully lumping together government into the concept of insurance.

If you think about it, government in very meaningful ways is historically, at least theoretically but regrettably not always so in practice, intended to administer useful services to reduce risk and even more particularly lessen damages caused by the uncommon and involuntary.

I could write much on this and gladly will if there should be some demand]

Whoa, Nellie! That is quite the statement, right? The subtitle, that is. Don’t most of us act as if healthcare insurance ought to “cover” everything?

Yes, we do.

We are conditioned by experience and oft-repeated statements. However, ask yourself this: does the same go for other sorts of insurance? Do other forms of insurance “cover” the voluntary and expected?

No. Of course not.

There is good reason why automobile insurance does not “cover” gasoline, lubricants, wiper fluid, and other miscellaneous things. I will spare you the details, but if you want them then I urge you to check out that link above—the truth of this matter is revealed in a remarkably simple and illustrative way that I am sure you will appreciate!

The Truth printed in large, bold headline in a folded newspaper

Insurance is only meant to reduce or eliminate harm brought about by unexpected or unlikely catastrophic events

This brings me to a vital notion you must understand about insurance: INSURANCE IS MEANT TO REDUCE OR ELIMINATE THE HARM BROUGHT ABOUT BY CATASTROPHE. I could be more precise than this, but the big picture is very well represented here.

Insurance is not meant to “cover” voluntary, common events. Insurance stands to help you from involuntary, uncommon events.

Oh, I can imagine the eyes rolling, and the social networks beckoning. I promise to not get wonky on you and talk insurance. I wish to accommodate. Look at it this way:


That’s right! Insurance is like a super hero, perhaps Batman. He’s a hero to me alright—I’m counting on him to guard against boredom and distractions!

Anyhow, would the caped crusader be able to be as effective in protecting his/your city if he had to guard against the voluntary and/or common events?

Could Batman rescue treed cats, change citizens’ flat tires, or dotter around schools warning against and responding to bullying but still be effective in thwarting the involuntary and/or uncommon events? Would the Joker not easily be able to best him?

First of all, I wouldn’t live in a city where a super hero is actually needed for safety—just plain stupid. The same thing, on a more realistic level, goes for living in big cities where levees and mandated insurances outside of the norm are prevalent.

Come on—exercise some discretion, use your options, right?! However, if I was one of those Gotham citizens, then certainly I would not hesitate to emigrate somewhere safer and better once I see that my insurance [Batman superhero protector] is inefficient, costly, and perhaps unreliable.


Batman is good at responding to catastrophe or reducing or eliminating such in the first place. Insurance is also good at doing the same. Therefore, healthcare insurance MUST be used for and created for JUST these purposes. Otherwise, things just start to get dicey, plain and simple.

Secret #3: Results of #1 & #2 Creates Artificial Market LIMITATIONS & CONFUSION


Doesn’t the stated problem here really define it all quite well?

The healthcare payment/reimbursement system confuses you and OPENLY offers very limited options. Admit being confused. I get into this more than most and I admit confusion at times as well!


On the whole, we don’t really spend dollars on healthcare services, hence high medical costs.

No, you say?

Yes, I am serious.

And no, I am not imitating Dr. Seuss here like some people you may recall. I have respect for you after all!

High medical costs would make sense if our dollars typically meant to address medical care do not actually go there, right?

We spend HEALTHCARE SYSTEM REGULATED INSURANCE DOLLARS instead of more universal, unrestricted and uncomplicated, competitive market making and price transparency inducing regular dollars.

High medical costs come about through a sort of magic act, where the value of our purchasing token unit, otherwise usually known as an unrestricted “dollar,” becomes very diluted, far from universal and similar to those possessed by others, and consequentially, hard to understand.


Since regular dollars constitute such a low influence on the healthcare system, we see more and more what may appear to be an assembly of interactive cartels.

Cartel players would like high medical costs. Our confusion on these matters only would delight them. I don’t know about you, but I am VERY confident about how regular dollars work–the healthcare dollars, not so much.

Is it not unreasonable to say that all of the complications brought by that Frankenstein monster, healthcare dollars and its required systems, ought to figuratively encourage you and me to come out with torches and pitchforks?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being scammed! High medical costs, much like Frankenstein’s monster, just do not have to be!


A yellow traffic sign has chaos on top and order on bottom separated by a line. Order is has a red line cutting over it.

Manufactured chaos in the healthcare or medical market for YOU. This pushes prices upward for schemers. OUCH.

Our dollars reach healthcare services like only so many sperm reach that egg. Unlike with our little analogy here, your dollars are in shorter supply. You don’t have as many shots at purchasing quality healthcare services as you do in, um, creating life. 😉

The rules, exclusions, limitations, chicanery, and full-out confusion that is systemic in these important markets can do no else but create demand for solutions to artificial problems—hence, the organizations and industries that create layers of confusion benefit from the same because they are in position to solve. And we pay over and over again by spending our limited resources on insurance premiums as well as taxes that fund that whole process! All of this activity and money spent actually does not go to our health!

It is bizarre. No wonder we deal with high medical costs. No wonder it is such a problem!

Government as well as healthcare insurance organizations add incredible complexities to the payment and reimbursement process. And with all of the mandates levied by both, buoyed by our belief in there being no other options, no prices, no true insurance which would be quite affordable, we find, not unexpectedly, high medical costs to be borne by us and profited out some schemers.

AND you must not forget that all of this makes for a very difficult time for less than very, very large and established healthcare professionals and businesses that provide care!

In fact, doctors in reams are abandoning or selling out of practices due to all of the needless complications! That itself translates to higher medical costs to not only those said people and entities but obviously to you and me as end-consumers. All of this may not be the worst of it though…


Since you and I really don’t generally have true, effective and efficient insurance, and instead have a something more akin to a misleading pre-purchase “plan,” you and I have NO INCENTIVE to shop, demand competitive and transparent prices, to hold billing systems accountable, and really do much at all.

Worse still perhaps is that generally healthcare providers [those that actually work on your health] don’t really know what anything costs and how to price. Isn’t that amazing!

When it comes to healthcare “insurance,” you and I have already paid. We are INDIRECT payers to OUR OWN HEALTHCARE. Expected human behavior with that very important fact known tells us most will not care what ANYTHING costs then. It’s tragic, really.


Wow. All of that might sound really sad. I can’t blame you. However, I won’t leave you hanging. You, like me, probably already have enough of those sorts of organizations and people already.

You need to have hope and to pursue solutions with informed action. That’s what Sovereign Liberty Solutions is here for and what I am here to write about among other things.

There are ways to take steps towards ending or limiting, for yourself and your family, the confusion. There are also ways toward finding or creating bridges to pass over the toxic wasteland of artificial limitations. There are bridges towards quality care at reasonable, low prices, if you will.

Believe me. There ARE ANSWERS. We offer great, valuable FREE content that addresses all of this, so you will be able to do some great things yourself. You will be arming yourself for battle and not with cheap stuff I might add!

The examples and circumstances in which you can beat this contrived healthcare system are many, and it will be fun to find them here in some of our posts—all too much to give in an enjoyable and relatively short piece.


Do not lose sight of the fact that by understanding the 3 Secrets and their three respective suggestions you are at a great advantage already. Have you forgotten them? Don’t worry. Here they are again, minus the detail:

Secret # 1: High Medical Costs…Where’s the Price Tag?


Secret #2: Insurance and Government is NOT Meant to Buy Everything for you


Secret #3: Results of #1 & #2 Creates Artificial Market LIMITATIONS & CONFUSION



Is there an even better way to sum up the above? I don’t know, but I’ll try.

Healthcare prices are ridiculously high because:

1) We don’t have prices. This, itself, is because:

2) We don’t make the purchases ourselves. This, in turn, PRODUCES THESE RESULTS:

3) We have general artificial market confusion for healthcare consumers and the less-than-biggest healthcare professionals and organizations. We all also have artificial limitations and little by way of generally known options in matters involving purchase as well as payment for health services provided


“I just want to help…let me in…I’ll make sure your medical care is COVERED. Don’t worry about high medical costs…just make sure you get my insurance so that you are covered. And make sure to get more of my kind involved as premiums rise. We’ll tell you who is to blame.”


It is a bit of a journey to this point, but what you have directly above is what frees you from the clutches of market vampires.

Yes, market vampires.

And these aren’t the kind that entertainment media have turned them into. Our real ones are more diabolical and apparently less romantic.

Key organizations and some specific industries and interests really benefit from the aforementioned confusion and artificial demand for artificial solutions. They certainly crave the limitations, the many re-directions to their coffins.

Let me state the obvious about vampires: in legend they suck OUT lifeblood. They crave YOUR sustenance and do NOT offer anything of life in return. Said players above in the healthcare markets suck OUT your wealth and give, if not nothing, then much less in return than any legitimate system ordinarily would.

It is important to understand that the vampires do not mean you well. They really suck the life out of us!


A sign in black with red borders that says in large, red capitals

Call out the lies from the market vampires. It is like wielding a cross or wearing garlic and silver. Your medical care depends on it. High medical costs can be conquered by separating the bullshit from the truth!

As in the legend, so is the same with our health: you protect yourself by NOT inviting and indulging in market vampires. Vampires may only enter your home if invited—no breaking and entering by supposedly powerful creatures, hmmmm.

Well, interesting vampire lore aside, if you don’t invite the lies and controlling influence by this system, then you are FREE to think and act in ways that can help you to achieve quality health care at affordable prices.

Think about it. High medical costs can be something you at one time dealt with in the past. Obviously, the more of us that understand and act upon these truths the more that high medical costs simply become a non-issue systemically. Maybe someday it will be like walking into a supermarket, each of us pretty much well assured to purchase what may be needed without fear of bankruptcy or the ability to pay.

Hopefully the words and ideas in this post and in others will assist you in not only repelling these vampires with garlic but also, if enough of us follow suit, driving stakes through their hearts. 🙂


Being able to fundamentally see what is going on will free you from distractions and dead ends. You will stop playing into the games of market vampires that desire high medical costs and force them to serve the market instead of gaming it. Or they might just vanish at sunrise, in which event you simply should not care.

So forget about playing by the rules. You know those rules. These are the rules of vampires.

Mainstream logic and media as well as conditioned societal norms based off of this suggest that all you should and can do is make darn certain you have healthcare insurance and beg for more government mandates that are counterproductive for your purposes anyway.

Wow, that’s like playing the obligatory moron in horror movies that ALWAYS dies first. You don’t want to be that.

Do you?

Lack of action and thought in regards to you and your family's medical care may result financial pain. The answer is to do something and not just be a cry-baby about these imperfect things in the healthcare marketplace

Lack of action and thought in regards to you and your family’s medical care may result in financial pain. The answer is to do something and not just be a cry-baby about these imperfect things in the healthcare marketplace

The sort of inaction and lack of thinking in regards to our healthcare definitely does not make healthcare affordable.

High medical costs will lead to even higher and higher costs without doing something about it. Your thinking and ability to act on good information DOES make healthcare more affordable.

Seriously, simply SHOPPING for anything secures to you lowers prices and often times better quality, right?

Why not healthcare?

Are you scared to act, thinking that something bad will happen if you do?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather figuratively be driving stakes through evil creatures’ hearts than inviting in my killer any day of the week. These market vampires enjoy high medical costs, and your inaction that permit that reality.

When it comes down to it, achieving more affordable healthcare means being an active, independent customer as opposed to a passive, dependent one. High medical costs demand nothing less than YOUR direct efforts. No magic business entity or industry or government will resolve the high medical costs that are only going to go up higher without more individual efforts.

This is what being a sovereign shopper of health care services is all about. You put in the effort, backed by quality, solutions-oriented information, and high medical costs will go away like so many vampires at sunrise.

What I have given to you today are some key general truths that you need in order to pursue with confidence the more specific solutions to high medical costs. I hope you bear in mind that it is with the lack of understanding the general but underpinning concepts behind healthcare insurance and your medical care that so many of us have found ourselves in dire straits. Future posts will, therefore, continue to demonstrate these and related things.

But don’t you worry. I will also be offering more specifics on how to be a sovereign shopper for healthcare services as well. Until then, take care.


Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

Sovereign Liberty Solutions

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