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Status Quo Healthcare Reform Part Two?

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Status Quo Healthcare Reform Part Two?

by Sean Williams | The Motley Fool | October 3, 2015

Status Quo Healthcare Reform Part Two?

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note:

It is happening AGAIN

And yes, up there is a picture of two house pets, an orange cat and a golden retriever pup, sort of looking stupidly at you and me. Why would I use such a picture? It is on purpose.

Well, we ARE, as “voters” as well as “consumers” of healthcare services, kind of servile and dumb for believing in lies, despite however sweet they may seem.

Yes, pets, that’s what we are. We are stupid little captive house pets for even believing for a moment that political healthcare reform will work “THIS TIME.”

It is all happening again, a firm repeat of days’ past. This garbage….it seems to coincide with big political elections.

What am I talking about more specifically?

I am talking about obvious problems being addressed in such a way as to benefit those of the status quo. And this happens through the political machinery that has a horrible track record of ever helping those outside of the clearly demarcated political benefits class.

The results of further rounds of “reform” through political means are perpetuation of the status quo, despite the labels of “healthcare reform” and other such taglines and, well, lies.

This piece offers “healthcare reform” in form but NOT in substance. The author offers a significant suggestion in raising the penalty for those that perceive no value or insufficient value in purchasing healthcare insurance.

We are told that this will help “solve” the problems. We are told that the answer is in robbing Peter to pay Paul, in so many words.

Well, what about the horribly inefficient and self-serving entities, persons, and groups that prey off of and essentially make markets, inflate prices, and force market share through government imposed obstacles to something that really, actually, is pretty basic: healthcare?

My answer to those that say some re-tooling and additional political “healthcare reform” will resolve problems: no, it won’t, quite predictably.

The status quo is not addressing the fundamental reasons to high medical prices and healthcare insurance that is out of reach cost-wise and only slated to go ever higher!

Political healthcare reform is a non-starter in our opinion at Sovereign Liberty Solutions. The established interests and voices insist on political solutions…which they CONTROL, and always will.

Do you doubt this assertion?

The ability of the so-called public to discern fact from fiction is not very good nor can it ever be, especially in light of the communication and marketing efforts of The Big Boys.

The unrestricted non-healthcare “dollar” is what will best bring down costs to you and me for healthcare! Political efforts are NOT going to work, because they never really do.

Ask yourself this:

Did the first round of recent “healthcare reform” under the name of Obamacare not already prove this fact? Do we really need or want another round of this healthcare reform?

At the very least…it is QUITE UNFAIR for anybody that wishes this to force their misplaced assumptions and outsourcing of action to secure such wishes squarely on others. One should bear the consequences alone of their bad decisions!

I already know what further political “healthcare reform” will yield, and I aim to cast my lot in better, more fruitful environments, if they should be politically allowed to be available.

What excuses will be made if and when further “healthcare reform” efforts do not “work?” What markets and human behavior will be assailed with “law” and regulations next?

At what point does one stop “doubling down?”

At what point does one decide to stop being a captive house pet?


(…) Healthcare reform: three ways to fix Obamacare
But could America’s most sweeping healthcare reform law be improved? I believe so, and would suggest that three fixes be implemented to help Obamacare be more effective.

1. Increase the penalty associated with non-compliance to the individual mandate
One of the keys to making Obamacare a success over the long-term is its ability to draw in younger adults. Young adults are far less likely to go to the doctor or run up extensive medical bills, thus their premium payments are needed by insurers to help offset the costs of treating chronic and terminally ill individuals. With around 5% of the population making up nearly half of all medical costs in this country, and insurers no longer able to turn away consumers with pre-existing conditions, the importance of young adults is magnified now more than ever

The tool presented by the most recent healthcare reform efforts to persuade young adults to enroll is the individual mandate. The individual mandate is the actionable component of the PPACA that essentially states an individual needs to purchase health insurance and remain insured for nine out of 12 months during the calendar year or face a penalty.

Read More


Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

Sovereign Liberty Solutions

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