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Creation or destruction; happiness or misery: the CHOICE for one or the other is in each individual’s capable hands. Granted, some things may happen to even significant extent outside of one’s control, especially in regards to larger historical, systemically integrated phenomena [time and place of birth; larger economic systems environment; enveloping national socio-economic/political systems, etc.], but individual effects of such, largely affected by individual RESPONSE to these things, are within one’s ability to influence.

Yes. Sometimes [though not all the time or even MOST of the time!] things just…happen.

Sometimes these things, to you or me, are of a nature related to our circumstances something quite negative. However, the crucial question here is this:


Do things start to snowball downhill, if you will, after something bad happens? Do you induce additional bad effects with a poor attitude of despair and disempowerment? And so, what if you do?

Do things stop there, as with some poor people? Or, as with some other people, do you, as with the adage “misery loves company,” attempt to bring others down, Lose/Lose style?

Or as a variant of this last presented category, do you, with a poor attitude and way of looking at and interacting with life, attempt to INSTEAD direct or influence WIN/LOSE artificial zero sum results in an active way?


The true focus of this post is this very last point in the previous section.

I am, as a sovereign, self-empowered individual, not very much concerned in regard to myself with the generally pathetic and inert TROLL. The Troll is usually that poor fellow that only truly and negatively affects those that WILL it or ALLOW it; the Troll generally needs a victim to CONSENT to it.

I am not a victim. And for those that innocently enough become one, it is incumbent upon them to avoid repeat offenses; otherwise, since it is easily enough avoided, such no longer is really authentic victim-hood, but rather a sort of self-sabotage, a self-inflicted wound.

The most dangerous and more inherently harmful a troll can be, without your own conscious or subconscious complicity, is when he is not a free agent, but instead a somewhat meaningful cog [one innocently enough as defined by ‘USEFUL IDIOT,’ or, unfortunately for some wretched souls, one “for hire”] in the wheels and gears of a larger machine designed to dishonestly manipulate into reality artificial WIN/LOSE systems and results. [This is definitely a HUGE topic for another day: propaganda & public relations!]

But even with those most influential and active of trolls, they still remain mere foot soldiers or pawns, easily dispatched enemies to solutions, and easily enough resupplied by those that use them as strategic or more than likely tactical pieces on a metaphoric chessboard. With trolls, all you need to do is deprive them of their ONE actual weapon when actually subjected to them in your dealings, which I have discussed earlier in a video.

You see, it is one thing to essentially be an organic, rudderless and unmoored TROLL, endeavoring to bring others down to your miserable level, feebly attempting to keep [they unfortunately experience WAY too much success these days!] others from successes and happiness.  It is quite another, as you will see in the next section, for one to be troll-like but actually somewhat empowered, though empowered NOT by wholesome and good qualities—instead empowered by wicked and negative qualities that achieve things through force and mendacity!

Back to the troll: these fools are mere destroyers with no actual cause or purpose—and no faux or real valuable credibility to be able to harness and leverage so as to influence very many things! These sorts tend to only grab those near them; luckily for you and me on average, we can remove ourselves from their orbit. And let me tell you…I DO! And you should as well.

But what if there is something quite a bit more ACTIVE and, in a sordid kind of way, purposeful as well as thoughtful, than the mere TROLL?

In effect…what is abusive and negative like a troll, but quite unlike a troll, definitely super influential and even inherently so? We will get to that more specifically after the next section. Until then, please understand that you and I are at least a little better off than merely CHOOSING a destroyer; we each are able to choose something great, despite this talk of trolls and Liars, Looters, and Losers.


What if one seeks WIN/LOSE results but, through chicanery and/or chance, good fortune, and nature [charismatic, well-functioning psychopaths, narcissists, etc.] there is a good deal of credibility to tap into, that there are, indeed, even whole SYSTEMS [prevailing political order, legal system, for example] in which credibility can be gained and sustained and appropriately exchanged for leveraged INFLUENCE, itself yielding the RESULTS of affected behavior?

What if you are one of these individuals, and hook up with others that have shared and/or synergistic characteristics, desires, and abilities?

Then you start to see WIN/LOSE SYSTEMS emerge, larger and more generally centralized systems that often can and do subsume an economy, societal institutions, and culture that generally, without the emergence and infectious spread of these systems, is more decentralized and efficient and equal opportunity for all with actual free markets.

In previous posts I have essentially dubbed these RUBE GOLDBERGs.

Such systems are cynically conceived, created, and sustained overly complex ways of doing business, [some business such as that regarding maintenance or convalescence of health are incredibly VITAL and NECESSARY!] which, in combination with some other important factors, yields GREAT artificial control and wealth extraction [WIN/LOSE].

True economics is WIN/WIN. When two or more parties engage in exchange voluntarily, at least on average, both or all are better off for the exchange, buyers or sellers remorse notwithstanding. What the Liars, Looters, and Losers want is not true economics of WIN/WIN. They do not believe they are capable or are not willing to submit to voluntary arrangements [lack of more total control]. Instead, like the small people that they are, they seek WIN/LOSE, they seek PLUNDER or theft. [Remember, taxation IS theft!]

In one earlier post concerning the US healthcare markets RUBE GOLDBERG, I wrote something quite fitting for our purposes here now:

As great economist Frederick Bastiat pointed out, and I paraphrase, it is in the interest of some to impose upon people and their markets, obstacles of a predictably manufactured nature so that those same people may present their own solutions to said obstacles and problems and thus gain, or as I say, secretly extort, “sales,” or in other words, the wealth of their buyers.

Bastiat talks much of plunder, both individual based and organized.

I am not sure that he calls the aforementioned plunder, but I will go forward and suggest quite strongly that such is an intentional derivative of plunder, a Frankenstein sort of monster that should have never seen the light of day.

There you have it. A deeply buried, hidden truth concerns these RUBE GOLDBERG systems, but I have unearthed or illuminated for you: RUBE GOLDBERG systems are purposefully designed to overly complicate so as to derive greater profit and control!

Basically, through fraud and then, customarily, force as well as coercion, we see RUBE GOLDBERG political/economic systems emerge. It is too bad that all so often, in the more purely fraud stage [at least in nominally self-represented, 1st world nations; some human societies and organizations operate with less pretense of self-representation and empowerment and more bare, blunt force], many individuals, if not most, fall for alluring, cynical promises. 

When you add the governmental initiation of [or governmental support of and complicity in] force, fraud, and coercion, such RUBE GOLDBERG systems manifestly grow like cancers, enveloping more and more and more human action and, by extension, human beings [degree of slavery].

So you see, governmental/corporate leviathan alliances [modern day globalism, crony crapitalism], exemplified by such things as the Trans Pacific Partnership [Multi nation treaty trade agreements written by and for entrenched interests and concerns], regardless of the fancy public relations narrative and packaging, are in actuality cynically created modern day RUBE GOLDBERG systems designed to plunder and control. [True free market agreements do not require THOUSANDS or HUNDREDS of pages—only perhaps a paragraph or two! Think about it. All of those extra pages are basically what gets called “PORK” in legislation and political parlance.]

Now, I want to move on, and I am sure that you want it as well, so let me just advise that you check out the post on the healthcare markets, hyperlinked above [and here], basically being a RUBE GOLDBERG. Introducing those things here is not to our advantage, lest we want over complication!


What kind of person engages in on any sort of operational level RUBE GOLDBERG?

We saw what makes a troll. As stated earlier, these operators and planners, while similar to trolls, are basically empowered, though on a whole in a negative way [WIN/LOSE].

It is with the ability to pursue and manipulate WIN/LOSE that you start to see what [a person] may appear to be somewhat of a troll evolve into something more than a troll, something more powerful and sinister. You become one of the Liars, Looters, and Losers!

There are degrees to which one may, in fact, be a Liar, Looter, or Loser, to be sure. However, most of the time, when I reference the alliterative name, I mean to convey identification of the more or less higher socio-economic order of individuals that operate these systems, if not the upper hierarchical planners that dream them up and, well, plan them.

These RUBE GOLDBERG systems are incredibly hierarchical; they suit the reptilian mind.

Chalkboard hierarchical depiction, with boxes, lines connecting, and green stick figure people drawn into the boxes. The hierarchy is THEIRS and the little Pavlovian reward to you, the promotion, is yours. It is yours for the securing of blind obedience and fealty.

The hierarchy is THEIRS and the little Pavlovian reward to you, the promotion, is yours. It is yours for the securing of blind obedience and fealty.


There is an established order and protocol for most things and efforts to always bring about more total control through more order and protocol. This is why so many of the largest human organizations and institutions are so bureaucratic, so hive-like and so hierarchical.

Admittedly, some of the more successful large private organizations recognize and notably seize the opportunities available to being nimble, to being adaptable by reducing size of business units and so forth, but these are the exception to the rule. Many businesses that do these things, for example, utilize the practical lessons of Dunbar’s Number, which you, if a social media maniac or habitual user, REALLY ought to consider! [Lesson: do not spread your SELF too thin! Value of friendship, or actuality of such, DILUTES with too great a quantity]

The success of hierarchical organizations that operate within larger RUBE GOLDBERG systems is obvious. Simply look at how so much market share or control few organizations have in respective spheres of influence. The media is just one glaring example, as most media is owned by just several organizations. The content, or product of this industry, communication, is quite obviously controlled, very much so in respect to even the important “4th estate” news content in the US. Check out this and this if you somehow doubt the assertion of the media being controlled—the evidence out there is incontrovertible!

In fact, today’s establishment media is even so conspicuously bad and generally untrustworthy that national polling as of May 27, 2016 reads only 6% of the US population even trusts what they read, see, and hear from establishment, hierarchical media organizations!

The point in this bit of a media rant is this: hierarchical RUBE GOLDBERG systems and related industries, businesses, groups, and concerns tend to produce, purposefully, hive mind while also internally creating and sustaining the same. They become adept in killing off decentralized opposition or competition, free agents if you will, or wrinkles to various and sundry plans; and all while steadily subsuming very large swaths of human activity and thought—and that’s the point!

You see, among other things, in order for higher order Liars, Looters, and Losers to get their wealth and power and, quite frankly, what amounts to their next desperately needed cocaine-like “fix,” they simply MUST further consolidate and grow the hierarchy, all at the necessary expense [in their mind] of “the other,” that being you and me.

Now, you may ask about lower order Liars, Looters, and Losers—as well you should! You should, because chances are you will not directly encounter someone of the higher order. This does not mean, however, that a lower order Liar/Looter/Loser is not somebody to regard as definitely a negative, powerful influence.

Remember, MANY human organizations and certainly their related encompassing environmental orbits [General Motors to Auto manufacturers or transportation solutions organizations] are quite hierarchical and large. Chances are, if you work, worship, and play, you encounter these people!

Now, one book that I absolutely encourage you to read is Stanley Milgram’s Obedience to Authority. Without getting too far into the backstory of the book and the man that wrote it, do yourself a favor and watch the short video detailing the author’s very important and trailblazing experiment on the human/social  condition! [I must add that the book is quite excellent and not ‘dry’ as one would perhaps expect]

The hierarchies, especially in today’s complex RUBE GOLDBERG SYSTEMS world, simply DEMAND fealty to their rules, obedience to their authority. And guess just what is arguably the most important, most useful [from the hierarchy or Rube Goldberg system’s perspective] tool of the system?

It’s what most people want in large organizations especially; oftentimes people relate it along with a ladder.

Give up yet?


And not just promotion from trusted and known persons; NO, but rather through anonymous abstractions, human-made entities or labeled/categorized entities such as ‘groups’ upon so many identity-based but no habitual relational basis. In effect—you REALLY don’t even know the people that grant or deny your promotion or acceptance/rejection!

Promotion, you say?

Yes, you know, move up that ladder!

Milgram from his aforementioned book explains all of this, really detailing the cold-calculated nature of it:

“While structures of authority are of necessity present in all societies, advanced or primitive, modern society has the added characteristic of teaching individuals to respond to impersonal authorities. Whereas submission to authority is probably no less for an Ashanti than for an American factory worker, the range of persons who constitute authorities for the native are all personally known to him, while the modern industrial world forces individuals to submit to impersonal authorities, so that responses are made to abstract rank, indicated by an insignia, uniform or title. Throughout this experience with authority, there is continual confrontation with a reward structure in which compliance with authority has been generally rewarded, while failure to comply has most frequently been punished. Although many forms of reward are meted out for dutiful compliance, the most ingenious is this: the individual is moved up a niche in the hierarchy, thus both motivating the person and perpetuating the structure simultaneously. This form of reward, “the promotion,” carries with it profound emotional gratification for the individual but its special feature is the fact that it ensures the continuity of the hierarchical form.”

I think it is fairly easy to see now how lower order LIARS/LOOTERS/LOSERS get compliance from others. It’s in the rigid defense as well as sustaining of the very hierarchy they serve and nurse from! Interestingly enough, I suggest to you that you research what social scientists call THIN TRUST and THICK TRUST that I read about in a book called Bowling Alone; the former, being naturally self-checking and self-regulating in terms of generally universal unpreferable behavior. [I give homage to universal unpreferable behavior to Stefan Molyneux, who, as far as I know, coined that very term, just minus the ‘un.’]

And guess what?

You and I, on average, obey their cascaded [from atop the hierarchical structures and their higher order 3 L’s] orders; and we do not simply do so mechanically, with significant spirit of recalcitrance bottled down with genuine effort—no, no, no, not at all!

You and I, on average, GLADLY pursue PROMOTION ourselves.

If we should “get it” and begin climbing that ladder, social climbing if you will, after attaining the first of many, many of the same but gradually more seductive and valued token inducements and rewards, then we, too, move towards becoming, more and more, a LIAR/LOOTER/LOSER ourselves!

In the event that you want a very short, sweet, and humorous account of a sort of RUBE GOLDBERG in action, consider the video below! I cannot think of any better way of introducing anybody to what these things are.


Haven’t you ever noticed the sort of person that usually “rises in the ranks?” The person that OBEYS well and capably carries out the necessary obedience below self in the hierarchy is usually the one that rises. These types do well in their mission to jealously guard their own posterior as well as opportunities for advance and that of their solid superiors which they may ride the coattails off of, while snuffing out the non-hierarchical, those that cannot or will not simply obey and follow the obvious and hyperbolic carrot and stick incentive systems of the promotion.

All others that cannot and will not obey fall, regardless of their competency.

It really is a shame.

Recall some of the core attributes of the hierarchy man, the person that succeeds in RUBE GOLDBERG systems. The kinds of people that think and act upon WIN/LOSE; the sorts of people that will use fraud, that will, for example, withhold critical information to a buyer or seller in an exchange; the types of people that think so small of themselves and/or have the ever-painful addictive hunger to satiate, regardless of costs to another, even close friends and family; and finally, the kinds of people that will lie, cheat, steal, and attribute sin and error or failure [redistribute or transfer responsibility] of self to another[s.] . Look again at the very last part of that little list and consider the words emboldened. Is it not obvious what I mean now by Liars, Looters, and Losers?

Close-up picture of eyeball with an Android shape for the pupil. Liars, Looters, and Losers are basically dopamine ADDICTS. Anyone can devolve to this point, so why not seek to resolve this?

Liars, Looters, and Losers are basically dopamine ADDICTS. Anyone can devolve to this point, so why not seek to resolve this?

So the question before us now comes to what qualities truly compel individuals to evolve into these monsters, because people do not just start out this way.


First, here, we must consider biology.

Yes, science.

While this may scare you, I guarantee that if you stay with me, you will be VERY thankful, because this bit of information, in of itself, is invaluable to you!

Consider dopamine.

You may well know that dopamine is powerful neurotransmitter. It manipulates behavior. It is beneath that polished public relations surface of every single individual you encounter, from the highest and most narcissistic, glad-handing politician, to the most humble, giving food pantry volunteer.

Since it affects us ALL, you may very well wonder why I may bring this topic up.

I do because this fundamental, inescapable biology affects all individuals UNEQUALLY, and part of that unequal distribution or concentration is based off of individual decisions and habits formed based off of individual environmental stimuli, or results:

Understanding how a powerful neurotransmitter manipulates behavior is a major threat to dopamine flow. As a result, even dopamine experts aren’t interested in considering the possibility they’re under the spell of the dopamine-induced addictions (to safety, acceptance, esteem, and money) responsible for every man-made problem.

If this sounds simplistic it’s because we inherited our addictive behaviors from aggressive simpletons who had more in common with chimpanzees (who also obsess over safety, acceptance, and esteem) than humans. Countless generations later, the same unconscious commitment to maintain dopamine flow, that kept Galileo’s adversaries oblivious to the obvious, keeps today’s scholars from wanting to know how dopamine-induced ignorance is the reason they’re as clueless as their 16th century counterparts.

Individually, we are capable of realizing how our reasoning and stated and believed intentions to honor principles and universally preferable behavior actually conform to reality, but that damn dopamine ADDICTION stands in the way.

As with so much in life, here we see the incredible importance and value of an oft quoted but apparently little used aphorism: KNOW THYSELF.

It is bad enough, this dopamine kick, that to some degree or another, each of us does have it to permanently contend with; nobody has some sort of pass!

I CANNOT OVERSTATE THE IMPORTANCE of reading this article on dopamine, as it is quite complementary to this post and to the total comprehension and conviction in what follow from that article now:

Power/money/esteem addicts are, by far, the most destructive of all addicts because they will do anything to maintain dopamine flow. They abhor truth and ruthlessly lie, cheat, steal, bribe, corrupt, demean, persecute, attack, destroy, and/or crush. To make matters worse, their addictions provide them with the resources that make it possible to ignore, obfuscate, or eliminate any and all threats to their dopamine flow. It doesn’t help that insatiable dopamine cravings keep power/money/esteem addicts scrambling for the degrees, positions, and power that allow them to define legalities, moralities, and addictions.

Doesn’t that all sound like the LIAR, LOOTER, LOSER that I have been describing? The trifecta of addictions here synergistically act so as to not only entirely engage in universally unpreferable behavior, which obviously consists of initiating and or contracting out force, fraud, and coercion in order to plunder resources and assume control over the same or other persons [Human resources, anyone?], but also cements fuel to its metaphoric fires!

Red sign with green, bold lettering that reads

Reality can appear harsh and unappealing. Cognitive dissonance is even worse. Secure a better future with reality-based perception and action.

Is this not amazing?!

But it gets better, because, as you may recall, despite how foreboding and wicked and big this all appears, there is something calling out to us; some see it as hope, others see it as something to, through cognitive dissonance, either pretend ignorance or militantly and intentionally avoid, sometimes choosing to “go to the other side.” From the same article as the previous two quotations:

Power/money/esteem addictions are the reason our species is flirting with self-annihilation.

Safety/acceptance/esteem addictions are the reason few want to know.

There you go! If I were a certain well known fictional movie figure I would tell you that “I am offering you the truth, nothing more.”

Well, I guess I just said that, but hey, who can blame me for inserting such a wonderful link, relating to such a powerful, and instructional [abstract basis] film?

Let’s now get to three universally inextricable human characteristics that affect us all, some more so than others. They essentially cascade from this sub subject of dopamine; however, they are much more so part of our ability to EASILY quell, as having simple categorical knowledge of basic, unchanging fact can be a guiding light, something that gives each of us a rational basis to approach that dopamine problem.


So just what is this framework or approach to resolving, individually, our dopamine problem; and, maybe even more importantly, realizing what sort of people have this problem most, where they are most likely to gravitate, and doing something about it?

It is quite simply acknowledging the veracity of a most terrible triad. Just THREE THINGS, and their lack of  individual self-acknowledgement and even in-general comprehension permit the dopamine problem to persist, which itself keeps the LIARS, LOOTERS, AND LOSERS and their destructive, crony RUBE GOLDBERG systems in place and on the march.


The quoted block below, which derives from an older post I produced, connects BEATING the Terrible Behavioral Triad with being Sovereign, being empowered and focused on as well as generally successful with finding, promoting, and creating WIN/WIN SOLUTIONS:

Take note that personal empowerment kind of translates into accepting the truth of and guarding against the very negative consequences of what I call the Terrible Behavioral Triad. Doing so requires these personal admissions and consequential actions:

  1. One must admit that something for nothing is ALWAYS a great, fundamental LIE

  2. One must bear even the negative consequences of personal responsibility, thus not seeking to outsource it

  3. One must give admission to personal vulnerabilities instead of fighting their realizations [such as admitting hurtful but necessary truths concerning reality].

In a nutshell, things really come down to realizing a most obvious fallacy [that economic illiterates recognize as a magic sort of elixir to whatever ails] and refusing its siren songs, being fair to self and others by refusing to assign problems to and take resources from others, and, finally, being loving of others as well as oneself enough to engage in authentic self-reflection and change—on that last one, you can read up on a VERY helpful model, called the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle!


We have come to end of the rail here. But the ride may be just beginning.

Look, I LOVE personal liberty, the animating contest of producing something valuable in freedom and in the preservation of that to others. I LOVE the idea of voluntary action and voluntary positive [as well as voluntary instructional negative] feedback, which may, [oh, the horrors, to so many these days!] include remuneration for my efforts and what has been produced!

Most of all, I realize the value of everything that I have covered with you here.  It is all quite applicable and useful on an individual basis as well as a more collective one.

With the knowledge given here I proclaim with utmost conviction that I want to be free from force, fraud, and coercion and wish for YOU and all others to be free from such as well. Indeed, I am not simply satisfied with my own arrangements in this regard—even from a more enlightened self-interest perspective, I darn well know that if we do not hang together in mutual aid and assistance to individual human liberty, than surely we will all hang alone.

This shift towards freedom can only happen or more-so happen with more individuals that are basically self-empowered and confident in themselves and others. I am increasingly self-confident. I AM also confident in others…insofar as they are free and/or wish for others to be free as well. All else simply comes down to particular areas of skill, expertise, and maybe even happenstance, when we speak of particular exchange.

Nobody should fault me for not hiring a practicing astrologist that has never studied or applied the science and art of dentistry to perform a root canal for me, right?

I hope this post has been as fruitful for you as it has been for me!

This has truly been a delight to be able to get these swirling but connected and relevant dots onto paper as it were. I appreciate the read; please share freely and confidently if this has had special effect for you.

While I suspect many will not read much beyond a simple meme or character based maximum message these days, there are those that will. There are those that are searching for truth, and this post, among so many other important messages, may be just what they needed. Indeed, trite as it may be, sharing really is caring!


Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

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