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Law of Diminishing & Negative Returns


This iron clad economic law is MORE than mere theory. And it applies to much more than Gross Domestic Product and dollars and cents. 

So before you nod off and laugh off the not having a brain thing, do consider, in YOUR OWN PERSONAL LIFE, your various past and present successes and failures. Don’t you want more of the former and less of the latter? 

Wouldn’t you like to leverage the successes and cordon off or negate/weaken effects of failures? 

If so, then please have some faith in what I am going to submit to you here: economic theory CAN and DOES affect you, even quite personally!  

Picture of wallet being squeezed by a vice. These REAL economic laws REALLY do a number to your wallet, among other negative things!

These REAL economic laws REALLY do a number to your wallet, among other negative things!

The economic theory that is the Law of Diminishing Returns is something that can be used on the macro and abstract level of human leviathan and impersonal constructs–but, as with so many things, can we not extrapolate? 

Can’t we use this to our own personal, smaller, more “micro-economic” effects? 

You will find out here, as per usual with Sovereign Liberty Solutions, that the ability to honestly extrapolate and relate is quite real…and with the harnessing of the knowledge and technologies related, REAL SOLUTIONS are discernible, quite available and achievable! 


This theory basically states that degrees or amounts of satisfaction or successes or objective(s) achieved, due at least partially to some input value or controlled phenomenon in question, go up in ever greater relational [to the previous] amounts with each additional input or contribution unit—TO A POINT. 

There is a ZENITH, all other things being equal [ceteris paribus is a neat way of summing up the phrase following the comma] when it comes to these sorts of things. Once that point has passed, then each additional input value [whatever that input happens to be] yields somewhat less and less additional satisfaction or what else be the desired result. 

In other words, to be brief then, The Law of Diminishing Returns means the following:  

There comes a point where ROI, [Return on investment] after having gone through some period of ever-rising return units per investment units, starts to lose return unit increase of value per investment unit added.  

Picture of

Practical lessons apply to your REAL life. So do not quickly dismiss the bit of abstract stuff I just submitted

The practical lesson when this point has been passed is to generally seek, ceteris paribus, NOW BETTER AND/OR MORE EFFICIENT AND USEFUL RETURN, or else seek to improvise upon any number of things so as to push off the zenith to some future point. 

For example, usually some sort of productivity enhancement or substitute of some factor to production/service creation is sought. There is also, clearly, the option to accept the reduced return per unit of investment [investment can also mean labor and time]. 

Now, let’s get out of the quasi-textbook portion to this post! 


You see, something like this Law of Diminishing Returns CLEARLY has business and investment applications!

However, sadly enough, prevailing culture and education systems have helped to mold a sort of average instant-gratification and senses/stimuli-addicted and addled mind that apparently actively denies this great truth!

You think “economics” and perhaps see a droning, faux intellectual that issues verbal diarrhea from more than just the usual orifice!

Yet TRUTH is not the neatly packaged illusion brought to us by institutional corruption found in media and education among others! Let me illustrate this with an incredible delineation that 100% affects all individuals, regardless of differences.

But first, a question; for I KNOW that some perennial nitpicker will seek to do what he does best: stifle free, productive thought with sophistry, with intentionally, egotistically produced pseudo intellectual qualms or denials. Or even a simple ad hominem!

[Sometimes the same sort of people are just amusing themselves…at your expense and others. That’s another story though.]

That question is this: Does ANYBODY on the face of the Earth, in respects to ANY sort of intended investment return, among all the various other investment factor units related to production/manifestation of intended return, actually NOT include TIME?

TIME is an incredible resource, one for which there is definitely, especially in concerns to the involvement of a mortal human being, a very FINITE supply.

Indeed, even the financial alchemy evident in the fraudulent commodities, stock, and other exchange/trade markets cannot materially ADD to a finite timeline! [Sorry, transhumanists, your dream of ever-lasting fleshly life is, bare minimum, a fantasy]

Worse still, as apparently part of the human condition, we tend to fulfill the great aphorism, being, as William Penn wrote, that

“time is what we want most, but what we use worst.”

Consider the tyranny of the clock. Consider the very fact that sometimes available TIME itself ACTUALLY is the intended ROI [return on investment]!

Can you deny that YOU personally use time and place some value on it implicitly?


Good! So no nitpicking on this account then; the law of diminishing returns most certainly affects each and every person. YOU have a definite interest in this discussion, regardless of circumstance!


The REAL intent of this post is just this following subject.  

There is something obviously very important in realizing and acting upon the economic law discussed. But there is an even MORE important concept to fathom; and unfortunately, it is one that has manifested in our shared environment in so many incredible ways. 

That economic law is the Law of Negative Returns.  

This law is a common sense extension to that which we have already covered. 

Apply the very same logic behind the law already described…and just realize that there is a point in which, ceteris paribus, each additional increment of input or effort or application of resources translates to total REDUCTION of desired results! 


Now consider where, on a more collective scale, negative returns are not only being had, but being militantly and unceasingly pursued: 

  • All of the various “Wars” on things such as terrorism, drugs, obesity, and other political oriented constructs that prove marketable again and again and again to hapless voting blocs for starters!
  • Consider how children in the United States continue to receive more and more resources via public education and monies directed towards it and related institutions for the express, saleable purpose of nurturing talented, intelligent, and compassionate adults. 

[Have you even SEEN how poorly Americans have been doing in regards to reading comprehension ability, financial management, and so many other important things? Do Americans actually exemplify independent, lively or original thinking?]

  • Consider the continued efforts to achieve some sort of universal equality of so many things. Consider the endless efforts to eradicate all forms of ‘ISMS’ and ‘ISTS,’ which have thoroughly, at least in the so-called West, gotten to the point of establishing and imprinting self-censorship as well as cynical and even pathological virtue signaling!
  • Look at how big and unwieldy the political component to general human action is today in the US and, largely, the world. Politics involves initiating force and coercion [and oftentimes fraud, but that’s a whole other story] to accomplish certain things, things oftentimes contrary or deviant to the stated objectives.
  • Consider the innumerable regulations and other obstacles to “legal” human action that constitutes international trade. Just with the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement [illegal treaty] alone, you see thousands of pages of obstacles, stipulations, and rules and all under the rubric of “free trade,” oddly enough. Are the national and individual consequences to the benefit of “the public” or average individual after all these years of faux free trade agreements such as the aforementioned and NAFTA?
  • Look at the cult of SAFETY and consider the near unlimited pressure to render complete safety from everything “bad.”  As ever more of this safety business is made saleable to the public, especially so by national governments, the public receives less and less and less while concurrently being induced to demand more and more and more of the very same terrible and results-worsening services. 

You know, it’s almost as if today’s western societies resemble a very stupid, if not insane or certainly incorrigible cartoon coyote!

Are YOU really that…loony?


We have come to the end of the line on this little missive of mine. These ideas, for whatever the reason, lend themselves more to an impromptu, conversational and fluid style of communication. For that reason, I am certain to express them better in word form via podcast or video when I have the time.

All that said, at least I am not insane or expressing or arguing for insane notions and objectives.

Quite to the contrary! Rather, I am probably more sane than most and am definitely endeavoring to infect into the body politic some semblance of the opposite.

Picture of a fat man, with a burger hanging off of a long handle attached to his head, running in place on a treadmill. Insane is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Like the fat man above expecting to lose weight despite taking in more calories than using!

Insane is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Like the fat man above expecting to lose weight despite taking in more calories than using!

Albert Einstein is credited for a popular definition of insanity. It goes as follows:

“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

It would appear, with the ongoing trends which showcase clear societal disregard to these economic laws in obvious action that, as a larger abstract unit, so-called society is insane.

But you argue that being well-adjusted to these larger things is better than pushing up against it such as those like me?

There are many that would argue this. In fact, as Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher saw it,

“it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

There are real questions to ask of oneself as opposed to killing the messenger, as it were.

The real question is this: are YOU insane, along with society and its institutions and many of its citizens and denizens?

Do you allow a sort of false “social proof” and herd mentality lead you into subordinating autonomy of self to the behavior and expectations of insane persons, groups, and systems?


If you DO value time and various limited resources and, of course, positive consequences, as opposed to false and extremely contingent and tenuous friendships and relations, then you simply must be aware of these vital, related natural economic laws!

And you must communicate them!

Those informed of the relevancy of these necessary ideas and application must bring them to the attention of a general public denuded of good sense and proportion of ill inflicted by terrible policies, systems, and consequence to schemes and actions.

Communication of these things is of critical importance as the lunacy of the societal man threatens total collapse of important institutions.

The importance, unfortunately, may not exactly be in prevention. The time for that may have passed. What happens AFTER?

These are the times for those that value LIFE and LIBERTY to PROPERTY to take a stand and salvage that which can be salvaged and re-build that which can, already has been, or will be destroyed.

There is no “something for nothing.”

The return on outsourcing responsibility for critical thought, communication, and action is clearly negative. Someone else is not going to do what YOU and I must do.

Let’s get going. The return on personally taking the initiative for these things is beyond incredible.

It is time to invest in something sane again, something with a real and positive, healthful return that rivals anything that the largely fraudulent paper exchange markets offer!


Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

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