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Jury Nullification: Cornerstone of Freedom

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Jury Nullification: Cornerstone of Freedom

by Roger Koopman | FEE | February 1, 1994

Jury Nullification: Cornerstone of Freedom

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note:

TRUE PATRIOTISM involves a bit more and perhaps even precludes parroting talking points and towing some party line. It means more than going out to vote and saying that such is some civic duty. It means a whole lot more than unquestioned fealty to national symbols and governments that purport to represent them.


Just men may run afoul of unjust law. That’s NOT justice when court systems convict. Dispensation of justice, when such men are charged, REQUIRES jurors of MORAL responsibility to acquit.

It is IMMORAL to follow illegal and reprehensible judge directives to the contrary of your MORAL obligation to be on guard for UNJUST law as well as unjust behavior associated with just law.

As a juror, you are NOT simply duty-bound to agree with the state’s judge; you are duty bound to be on the guard for justice as well as the sanctity of individual rights.

There is TALK, or more like window dressing in my opinion, in regards to there being true and unquestionable “consent of the governed.” “Our” government represents us, or at least is said to do so. However, are there not times when this is mere theory as opposed to reality?

Consent is necessary since “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice.” That is, of course, part to the preamble to the US constitution.

Indisputably, to those that are not lying, the individual, all individuals, establish Justice and that which follows, interpret, attest to, and assure it, when needed.

I do not dispute and, in fact, suggest that all too often and to too far a degree, Americans do not meaningfully withdraw their consent. However, there is the perpetuation of certain myths, one namely being that The People may only assure Justice with a vote during an election; that there are no more personal and direct safeguards.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

This myth needs to be absolutely demolished! How can there be consent, truly, when bodies of so-called law that people generally find repulsive [or are not even aware of–but, of course, many operate under, and government and its courts pedal, the notion that “ignorance of the law is no excuse.”]  are not and cannot be rid of due to the usual lies and unwillingness of government agency to not promulgate, to refuse to purge, to refuse to enforce?

Individual liberties are clearly under attack; is one to actually believe that this is entirely consensual? 

The US national government especially is not responsive to the will of those that it is supposed to service responsibly in theory; it is instead materially unresponsive and assertive of its very own nature and of those that most grow and expand its power and jurisdiction over individual lives for their own goals.

When government simply refuses to help to secure true Justice and instead operates as benefactor to one set of mean interests over others, there must be one final say by those that grant or retract consent.

This can be found in the court room by the humble yet powerful individual juror.

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“The Jury has the right to judge both the law and the fact in controversy.”

That statement was penned not by some modern-day political theorist, but by John Jay, first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. It did not reflect some quaint or offbeat ideology, but rather, the consensus of opinion at the founding of our nation. Our Founding Fathers understood that the constitutional republic they had crafted was a fragile thing. Without the proper safeguards, it could in time fall prey to tyranny masquerading as law. They recognized that one of the most essential of safeguards was the power vested in the common citizen through the jury box.

If our nation’s founders were able to come back today and witness the instructions that judges lay upon the juries, they would react with horror at the emasculation of our once-proud jury system. Indeed, it bears little resemblance to the system they established, precisely because its most essential ingredient—the individual, independent juror—has largely disappeared. The juror is instructed to accept the letter of the law without question, and apply no moral judgment to his decisions. To the nation’s founders, today’s jury system would appear as nothing more than a ghost of its former self.

They would wonder how we managed to stray so far from the original pattern they instituted and why, as a result, America has chosen to place her freedoms in such obvious peril. Our forefathers, it seems, understood far better than we that for a nation to remain free, sovereign power must rest in the people themselves. They designed the jury system to act as a constant check on the excesses of government and the abuses of unjust law. Individual jurors acknowledged that they had not only the authority, but the moral responsibility to acquit just men who ran afoul of unjust law.

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