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Hacking of Health Care Records Skyrockets

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Hacking of Health Care Records Skyrockets

by Tom Costello | NBC NEWS | February 13, 2016

Hacking of Health Care Records Skyrockets

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note::

 Electronic health records [EHR] were supposed to save the day! Remember?

The promise of the public relations political sales job WAS the reason for the massive subsidies and political decisions to encourage and even mandate this healthcare industry reality. Without these things EHR would likely have never happened, at least in such a clearly rushed, ineffective, inefficient, and COSTLY manner!

Between the featured article below and the related one that complements it very well, one can see quite clearly that the more pure STATE RUN HEALTHCARE operations as well as the NOMINALLY PRIVATE HEALTHCARE operations suffer from this terrible move towards EHR’s.

In other words, the prevailing crony healthcare that gets called private as well as the State-run operations are BOTH failures when it comes to security of information and also generally consumer cost. This SHOULD eliminate authentic consideration for not only status quo mixed market/government cronyism, but also theoretical super centralized US STATE SPONSORED UNIVERSAL CARE.

Truth is, the healthcare system is way more intertwined with government action than generally communicated and thought!

The problem resides in the cynically promoted, created, and sustained [usually life support] RUBE GOLDBERG crony market, government sponsored systems, designed to line some pockets and empower few over the losses and despair of many!

In line with the featured article, consider the sheer magnitude of the TERRIBLE centrally conceived and induced reality that is Electronic Health Records being THE way for precious and potentially valuable [if stolen] information to be warehoused and safeguarded:

“Stolen credit cards go for $1-$3 each. Social Security numbers are $15. But complete health care records are a gold mine, going for $60 each.

That’s because criminals can use such records to order prescriptions, pay for treatments and surgery and even file false tax returns.”

Amazing, right? YOUR health records are super valuable due to the prevailing inefficient healthcare purchase/reimbursement system [healthcare “insurance”] as is, thus attracting a good deal of undesirable attention. What is worse is the additional TERRIBLE security in place! Consider from this linked article, the complementary one:

Without naming names, the GAO reported that one state didn’t encrypt passwords (…)

Geez, not encrypting passwords sounds familiar these days… 

Not only do we see individual dangers and losses due to these things, but we also see national security concerns, too, when such NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED if not for the centrally conceived, promoted, and affected as well as sustained political economic systems-making [like EHR].

Despite this madness, I would bet, as this has been the case so far, that instead of NOT doing these terrible things, the very same will continue, and not only continue, but be pursued with greater stolen resources and energy. In other words, mainline concerns will DOUBLE DOWN on this cynically made bet.

It is high time to NOT enable political economy in the crucial healthcare markets. It is time for competition, diversification, and FREE PEOPLE, PROFITS, AND PROPERTY [FREEDOM] to begin the healing instead of Liars, Looters, and Losers with their cynical RUBE GOLDBERG shooting fish in a barrel cronyism/authoritarianism further harming the many for the profit and satisfaction of a few.


For John Kuhn, a simple X-ray after a snowboarding accident turned into an accounting nightmare when the hospital billed him $20,000 for a surgery he never had.

“So I had to go down in front of the billing department no less and pull up my shirt and show them that I did not have any major scarring on my stomach at all,” Kuhn said.

It turns out the hospital’s hard drive had been stolen along with Kuhn’s medical records.

He’s not alone, experts say health care-record hacking is skyrocketing — up 11,000 percent last year alone.

Roughly one out of every three Americans had their health care records compromised and most are completely unaware. Such hacks give criminals a wealth of personal information that, unlike a credit card number, can last forever.

Kuhn’s records were among the 100 million health care records stolen last year.

Many of those records show up for sale on the “dark web” where hackers openly advertise themselves and what they’ve stolen.

One site offers fresh healthcare profiles stolen last year in California boasting “you can use those profiles for normal fraud stuff or to get a brand new healthcare plan for yourself.”

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