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Hackers Likely to Breach 1 in 3 Health Care Customers During 2016: Report

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Hackers Likely to Breach 1 in 3 Health Care Customers During 2016: Report

by Andrew Blake | Washington Times | December 10, 2015

Hackers Likely to Breach 1 in 3 Health Care Customers During 2016: Report

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note:

The featured article is truly a follow-up of sorts on a previous one here on this site.

Can you imagine that? 

1 in 3 healthcare users!

WHY are mandates pushing through electronic medical records then? There are even more reasons to NOT want electronic medical records.

But false, mandated incentives and cottage industries that feed off of feeding trough public monies will have nothing else at this point. It is a self-feeding, negative feed-back loop at this point.

What is the solution? 

Well, there is no silver bullet. However, start here, and things may start falling in place. Comprehending the problem is the first step in resolving it or at least mitigating negative consequences.


Hackers already managed to compromise the health records of nearly 80 million Anthem customers in a high-profile breach earlier this year, but now analysts expect 1 in 3 patients will be similarly affected in 2016.

Cyber attacks will continue to strike the health care industry next calendar year, IDC’s Health Insights group predicts in a new report, and the research firm expects around one-third of patients will be impacted as a result.

“Frankly, healthcare data is really valuable from a cyber criminal standpoint. It could be 5, 10 or even 50 times more valuable than other forms of data,” Lynne Dunbrack, the research vice president for IDC’s Health Insights, told Computerworld.

In an interview with the publication, Ms. Dunbrack said IDC Health’s analysts determined that a reluctance with regards to deploying security technology industry-wide has proven to be problematic, evidenced in particular by the massive Anthem and Premera Blue Cross breaches earlier this year in which hackers gained unauthorized access to roughly 80 million and 11 million customers, respectively.

A review of 10 years’ worth of data breach information undertaken in the fall by researchers at Experian concluded that the health care industry has suffered from major hack attacks more often than the education, government, retail or financial sectors.

And 40 percent of those intrusions compromised not just medical records, but other personally identifiable information that had made health insurers “a lucrative target for criminals” willing to commit identity theft.

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