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Guilt Trips: Another Affront to Medical Care?

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Guilt Trips: Another Affront to Medical Care?

by The Sovereign Patient | The Sovereign Patient | November 12, 2015

Guilt Trips: Another Affront to Medical Care?

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note:

The affronts to your medical care are legion. All of it adds up to ridiculous and non-transparent costs. ‘All of it’ essentially translates to this: the US healthcare system.

So doesn’t it make you a bit relieved to know that there are some in the actual, underlying medical CARE community [medical care practitioners] attempting to offer services outside of that system?

Wouldn’t it make sense that those that provide the fundamental services that you and I hypothetically pay for serve you and I with the most cost-saving and quality strengthening medical care billing system practical?

Wouldn’t it make sense for the byzantine third party billing cycle model to be challenged?

If your answer is yes, good for you. 

The simple fact is that more and more medical care practitioners ARE looking to create win/win approaches to doing what they do best: taking care of you and me! That is why direct-pay care continues to grow in practice and why it deserves attention in being included as part of everyone’s comprehensive healthcare plans.

But woe to you, if you do not realize that the prevailing US medical care system, with its attendant cottage industries and major crony players, is something to protect at any cost! You see, this system, as a whole, RELIES upon needless, unhelpful, and artificially produced onerous conditions

It certainly does not want competition! It certainly does not want anything to expose it!

And believe it or not, your medical care even gets more onerous and expensive due to international pacts!

How about that for medical care simply being between you and your medical care professional?!

Simply put, you’re DELUSIONAL if you think that, in its current state, the US healthcare system concerns mainly the patient and the medical care practitioner!

With the aforementioned said, there are emerging solutions such as direct pay but of course institutional resistances to them. 

And believe it or not, some of that resistance comes straight from organizations that ostensibly support and advocate for medical care professionals. The featured article covers the topic and showcases something huge, I think.

What is so huge?

Well, it really is not something new, as I have seen it exemplified elsewhere, in different markets and ways. However, it is VERY topical and illustrative, as it can be seen within the context of an alternative billing/payment system starting to take root. 

So that huge thing is this: amidst the more compelling and obvious tactics of crony organizations in perpetuating a self-serving system, such as regulations via capture of regulatory agencies and the like, one big one specifically for direct pay systems being the attempt to have regulated as if they, too, are insurance organizations, we see something very mundane, something barely perceptible: inflicting shame, producing guilt. 

Creating guilt and inflicting shame are hallmarks of propaganda. Creating guilt and inflicting shame prevent and redirect human action. These things are mechanisms for control. The terrible truth is that any sort of person, no matter their status or stature or level of intellect or whatever, can fall prey to guilt and shame.

The featured article demonstrates as much. Medical care can be dramatically less costly and more efficacious in producing quality services and outcomes. However, as I perceive it, an institutional and probably multi-disciplinary assault upon the consciences of medical care professionals simply will have to be overcome. 

There is good news in this, however.

Paired with our most recent post on the direct pay phenomenon, you can understand that due to that billing model’s growing success and adoption as well as interest on part of the medical care professional community, the very signal shown in the featured content in this post is that perhaps the prevailing healthcare system is afraid.

Perhaps the prevailing medical care system finally has to contend with a free market force that WILL produce win/win solutions and kick out inefficient and counterproductive interests and concerns.

So let’s be on the guard against these social science weapons of control.

Whether you are solely a patient or also a medical care professional or something else entirely in a totally different market where such may be going on, as it likely is in some way, let’s not allow our consciences to be cynically used to control us to great disadvantage!


This report from the ACP has to be the most sanctimonious and fundamentally flawed “position papers” that I have had the displeasure of reviewing.

Here is the official “focus”… of the paper: “how DPCP models can challenge the ethical obligations physicians have in regard to providing nondiscriminatory access to care.”

Do they really think our current system is non-discriminatory as-is; and by association, that doctors are taking the high road by going along with it? Yes, I do believe that is what they are saying, and I couldn’t disagree more. Going along with it is part of the problem.

“The ACP urged physicians to seriously consider the impact of their change in practice model, including:

1.Downsizing of the patient panel and its effect on patients and the community.

2.How those disbanded patients will find access to care.

3.How setting or raising DPCP retainer fees will affect patients, especially low-income patients, and the local community as a whole.

4.How DPCPs can reduce barriers to care for low-income patients that might arise from no longer accepting insurance.”

Has the ACP forgotten how healthcare costs got so out-of-reach in the first place?

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Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

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