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[ The metaphor in this piece is this: you desire the solution of access and security to excellent drinking water, but various obstacles stand in your path. ]


The Troll [the more common internet one as well as the individual one in person] is a huge obstacle to productive actions and patterns. Individual actions and patterns ultimately, if beneficial, lead to excellent entrenched, unconsciously encouraged and facilitated habits, which then yield positive results and SOLUTIONS to problems.

Obviously, trolls affect our actions and habits in quite a NEGATIVE way!

My purpose today is to demonstrate that the troll should not be so EFFECTIVE. I want to show primarily what enables that troll to hinder you and me, and also generally what each of us can do about it. Because, quite frankly, as with the apparent bully problem affecting children in US public schools these days, there can NEVER be enough collectivized and institutional resources to bring on the whole more satisfactory results. NEVER. The ant colony and bee hive works because EACH insect takes action, not simply a relative few super insects and their own institutions or organizations!


Picture of red winged dragon over darkened background.

Fairy Tales, dragons, and princesses! Oh, my! These stories are, indeed, fantastical and entertaining. However, they are also quite often ILLUSTRATIVE.

Believe me, this Troll thing is important!

Human beings are obviously super capable of finding, creating, and securing [as well as first PREVENTING problems] various solutions to problems. Yet, these days, so many things seem to trip so many up. Small things and very small-like [qualitatively, not size] Trolls!

Let me explain.

The Troll truly HAS to be at least some sort of impediment, much like our introduced METAPHOR above concerning uneven ground on a path or a slight rock or bulge or uprooted root or cluster of trees or poisonous bushes all to which we ought to not bump against or trip over or be otherwise hindered or stopped.

I cannot say that the Troll is absolutely, objectively nothing, despite my honest assessment as to their NATURAL influence or power over others! [Their natural influence is actually substantially NOTHING, if so we will it!]

What makes the Troll so much MORE than a mere root or rock or uneven spot, to be what I first introduced in this piece, to be that seeming juggernaut, is YOU and ME as the unwitting pawns.

As with the Troll in the Billy Goats Gruff children’s fairy tale, apparently, people feel that they MUST cross over just one particular bridge—the one of the Liar, Looter, Loser online or physical troll that we ALL come across in our individual lives!


You see, we are basically, at least subconsciously, SEEKING to trip over roots; we are purposefully attempting to DEFY the objective reality of the situation, and that is dealing with terrain for which problems cannot be so much conquered head-on as instead averted through purposeful avoidance or a more long-term, strategic and/or root-level resolution.

In terms of the metaphor, think of taking the time to perhaps develop land and even the earth or whatever else; think also of saving up and utilizing the resources necessary, in fact, to secure that excellent drinking water and so make that by only turning a knob that such water will come clean out of your very own bathroom or kitchen faucets!

Interestingly enough, you do realize that this all happens and is very much a relatively believable and super attainable thing to accomplish, something that is, indeed, commonplace in a good deal of places in the more developed world. Yet…the Troll obstacle proves to be otherwise!

As with the path that we seek to follow again and again towards that excellent drinking water, we would, as with the troll being an obstacle towards attainment or realization or even dissemination/sharing of the truth, pursue the END.

The end, or the results we want, would yield SOLUTIONS to the obstacles or problems. The Troll is only, truly, one sort of obstacle or problem. The Troll is a PURELY PSYCHOLOGICAL one!

Whatever is psychological is EXCLUSIVELY in your ability to PERSONALLY address and resolve!

By meeting the Troll and dealing with him by HIS rules you are at best getting lost in the means and at worst heading towards complete disaster. You allow the Troll to help you trip up and stop you and even set you back by stepping foot onto his bridge and refusing to find a better way!

The Troll, with our ego-based CONSENT, helps to snag us, trip us up and hinder us as with our pursuit and capture of excellent drinking water. It is as if these roots and other ground-based obstacles to the drinking water, if actually sentient and perhaps sociopathic or psychopathic and quite SMALL in terms of self-respect and evaluation of self, DESIRE to bring you down, to stop you.

To stop you. 

Let that sink in, for to reflect upon it and comprehend it is to TRULY understand the Troll; MOST DESIRABLE TO THE TROLL is to stop you—-if only due to the idea that if THEY cannot get the same, then you cannot either. [See blue crab syndrome

This mentality goes by a few different but similar names such as ‘crabs in a bucket’ but the lesson is the same: modern society is analogous to self-defeating crabs moronically harming others as well as themselves individually in a false but forced zero-sum paradigm!

Really, we need to be able to take the narrow, small focus off of our “selves” and place more upon the strong desire to find, secure, and illuminate the truth, the truth behind securing solutions to problems.

I cannot overstate this!

You and I, on average and with a disturbingly high frequency, PERMIT AND AGREE TO our precious and fragile little egos to not only focus on what the Troll unearths in his desperate and pathetic prerogative, but to absolutely WILT before it, to suffer under its own pretenses, its own rules of engagement, its own machination and designs, and manipulations!

[Before going on, please consider watching or listening to the video that I hyperlinked above!!! It is quite revealing, very interesting and funny and will do much to enable you to, when necessary or useful by your judgment, boomerang ill-conceived responsibilities towards the Troll]


In our video series concerning the Troll we covered how the troll basically has only ONE CRUDE INSTRUMENT for which he may hit you on the head over if you are not aware enough [or psychologically, egotistically, spiritually balanced and empowered enough] to avoid.

That weapon is the pathetic AD HOMINEM, the subject of a specific video we produced that you ought to watch. Yes, there are a few others, some basic tactics that we will cover over time that are applicable to others beyond the Troll, but that Troll’s meat and potatoes are the ad hominem.

Why do so many of us just walk into this same trap by the same Loony Tunes character over and over again as if we, too, are just as obtuse as a certain duck?

It is simple; many of us are actually quite INSECURE in ourselves and, perhaps more importantly, in our knowledge and the effort expended to secure knowledge!


What’s the solution, you say?

TAKE ACTION. Take self-directed and informed action.

What does the Troll help enable you to do?

He, WITH YOUR CONSENT, divides you and others, humiliates you falsely or often times with half-truths and pure sophistry, and just generally helps enable you to develop, sustain, and INFECT with others and the social environments a CAN’T DO, NEGATIVE, DIVISIVE, AND LOSE/LOSE AND AT BEST FALSE ZERO-SUM WIN/LOSE ATTITUDE!

If there is anything in the world more worth conquering and SO EASILY conquerable is the Troll!

However, you simply MUST TAKE ACTION! Small, humble steps, folks, is what it takes! There are a great number of actions to take, but I tell you, the general action of READING for self-knowledge and discovery is a stupendous start!

Look for great book lists! Start getting into self-help materials and empowering BLOGs, podcasts, and websites!

STOP the mere NAME CALLING or avoiding those that are called the names! Get into the actual hard but satisfying work of self-understanding and process of discovery and revelation [Truth].

Is that hard to do? Is side stepping the Troll and his name-calling, his cheese rat trap if you will, truly so difficult? Well, recall the childhood adage and take it to heart at long last:

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

As much as the inverse has a sort of currency to it these days, being certainly, at minimum, an aggressive fad such as the ‘SAFE SPACES’, going along with trends is a bad idea. [Besides, as you can see with certain entertaining representations of the phenomenon particularly regarding ‘SAFE SPACES,’ such seems…CHILDISH]

I don’t care how many temporary “friends” or psychological pets on the head or virtue signaling or short-term Pyrrhic ‘victories’ that going along yields.

The whims of others should not be a barometer of what you should be doing to live a good life and be a good influence for others. The self-pity and false and avoidable victim mentality sponsored and spread by others is truly a false elixir to what ails you!!!

Additionally, such harms others; for one thing, such today imperils once cherished notion of FREE SPEECH! Those that feel bullied, by Trolls or whatever, go about being CRY BULLIES, using their victim-hood, perceived or otherwise, to cause a whole lot of individuals real problems with their own liberties.

Instead of being a CRY BULLY, a T.I.T [Troll in Training], or simply playing the role of victim, seek OPTIMISTIC and REALISTIC self-empowering and creative actions. Seek to do some of these things again and again until, after a matter of time and enduring, consistent effort, such proven quality actions become entrenched, programmed HABITS. Positive habits do require effort but once having become routine the hard lifting is, with the exception of relapse, done.


It is the recommendation of a certain book that I have read.

I have read a great number of books and articles and have listened to many awesome podcasts and other such things. However, if only due to its brevity and incredible incisiveness that appears universally accessible and applicable, I wish to advocate this one book.

I think this one book features KEY life-enriching truths, ones that have yielded almost by themselves as a seed various fruit to my life [and the fruit themselves many, many more additional seeds and additional fruit]. I really think this book may do the same for you.

And even if you do not wish to read it, then merely check out its FOUR SIMPLE SELF-APPLIABLE rules or “agreements” that can be exhumed on an online encyclopedia.

Close-up picture of a chain lying on a surface

FREE yourself from the chains of linguistic deception and Troll-induced depression! You have nothing to lose but your chains!

The name of this book: The Four Agreements.

So are you ready to TAKE BACK your power, decisions, your self-respect and LIFE?

Are you ready to TRULY defeat the Troll and go about developing the self-respect, the attitude, and also the competencies and courage necessary to live a life worth living, to live a life in which empowerment and solutions are more the focus and results as opposed to disempowerment, cynicism, victim mentality, and problems-galore?

If you’re ready, then get going. The ball is in your court, and you have many practices, drills, games, and seasons in which to reach for and attain glory…or even a level of mediocrity for which you can be content with—-it doesn’t have to be reaching for the stars; it just has to be ‘good enough’ for you!




Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

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