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by Alex Morey | FIRE | March 21, 2017

In Anti-intellectual email, Wellesley Profs call Engaging with Controversial Arguments an Imposition on Students

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note:

The featured article is simply amazing. First, be mindful that the college in question is one of the esteemed ones in the US. That is the first thing.

Second, it is not uncommon for the bizarre headline, which you can fully validate in reading the article completely on the provided link, to be mirrored in one way or another by other crazy, related phenomena, whether it be banning of Halloween costumes, renaming all things racist while pursuing ‘safe spaces’ free from ‘microaggressions’, or initiating violence upon person and property unprovoked [unless you count legitimate provocation as simple words] like a world-class troglodyte.

Seriously, even IF words are meant to be emotionally hurtful, there was once an oft-repeated childhood saying that remedies and dramatically reduces conflict and tension in our shared social relations and world: “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

Again, these incredible and unprincipled over-reactions and totalitarian-like aggression upon innocuous human behavior include BIG TIME, supposedly credible and superior colleges and universities in the US, not just substandard ones that you can easily dismiss or anything. The students attending these are ostensibly the brightest and most capable, if conventional wisdom is to be trusted.

With the exception of the VIOLENCE on display and some of the terrible professors and staff supporting the same [The link provided demonstrates that some of these staff are probably psychological warfare chiefs of some sort, seriously. WATCH HER.], one may say that, heck, it is the student and/or parents’ money–so shut up; this is what they want and what they exchange their money for! 

My first response to that is this: can you STILL call these hallowed halls of learning robust and innovative; can these still be “THE” centers for incredible discovery, learning, and the metaphoric intellectual ‘sharpening of swords?’ Can they still be the golden ticket to a cushy job and remarkably productive future?

Can any ‘society’s’ positive and fruitful future be in the Promethean minds and wills [precedent to human action] of these types of individuals? I just don’t see it, and you know that you don’t either, if you are being honest and maybe a little courageous [truth to long held and cherished or trusted false myths are hard to deal with for many of us].

My second response is this: ALL colleges, with perhaps a token few as exceptions, involve taxpayer resources. Bare minimum, these are mixed market organizations and physical places–they cannot be purely private, which is needlessly confounding [public property or mixed market property, due to there being no definite property title ownership, CREATES insoluble conflict and tension due to ambiguous and impossible allocations of utility rights], to say the least, but that is what we have at the moment! The college of interest via the featured article, as you can see, says that over 60% of students receive financial aid, some of which necessarily includes loans that are taxpayer subsidized. Did you know that about 31% of government assets are…drum roll…STUDENT LOANS! This is insane.

Is this prudent at all? The first sin is quite simply plundering from others to fund anything at all–that is theft. Worse still is the fact that the theft contributes not even to a good but to something worse than to even an unwanted good–a bad, and worst of all, an unwanted bad!

Isn’t that grand? YOU and I are PAYING for negative returns on investment!

We are paying for abrogations [ACTUAL VIOLENCE, VIOLATIONS OF PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS] of free speech and free association and separation private property principles and are essentially forced/deceived into funding the programming and indoctrination of young adults into weaponized, infantile boobs with out-sized, meticulously protected egos and a conviction to violate “the bad peoples'” rights with nary a string of cogent, related thoughts based upon facts, reason, and evidence!

Oh, did I point out yet that the caliber of students, their very mental health, is dubious more and more and more, what with, among other things being reported, about a full QUARTER of the student population nationally on psychotropic medications! What kind of good does such association entail for a person ACTUALLY meaningful about what colleges allegedly provide?

To wrap up this bit I suggest that for a rather FULL and HUMOROUS account on WHY NOT TO GO TO COLLEGE, please check out the embedded video below or the link provided. I will leave you with two considerations as you make your way through the incredibly disturbing featured article:



The above listed is advocated for the purposes of helping people save their own time and resources on such increasingly fruitless endeavors that eat up time as well as resources [In at least subtle ways it affects/programs/conditions you, too!]. It is also there to promote removal of considerable government funding which has created a significant bubble in Education/Indoctrination/Human Resource Production Incorporated. We need to starve the beast if there is any hope of a resurgence of quality and affordability.

The mental illness and infantilization in the US college system has got to end–and it will expeditiously if the monopoly money funding stops. Nobody would pay for this as they use it; the delaying and transfer of payment buoys this market and prevents convalescence of a thoroughly diseased and moribund institution.


In an email to fellow faculty yesterday afternoon, a committee of Wellesley College professors made several startling recommendations about how they think future campus speakers should be chosen. If implemented, the proposals by the faculty Commission for Ethnicity, Race, and Equity would have a profound impact on the quality and quantity of voices Wellesley students would be permitted to hear.

FIRE has obtained the email, sent by one of the signatories to a faculty listserv, and republished it in full below.

While paying lip service to free speech, the email is remarkable in its contempt for free and open dialogue on campus. Asserting that controversial speakers “impose on the liberty of students, staff, and faculty at Wellesley,” the committee members lament the fact that such speakers negatively impact students by forcing them to “invest time and energy in rebutting the speakers’ arguments.”

And here we thought learning to effectively challenge views with which one disagreed was an important part of the educational process!

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