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Demystifying Healthcare 101

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Demystifying Healthcare 101


This is an amazing piece! The referenced headlined posts, that is.

And do NOT do yourself an injustice by not also reading the related posts that I have produced as referenced at the end of this work. I promise that you will learn A LOT of very useful information.

You’ll also probably impress your friends at the water cooler with what you find out!

Man in business suit pumping his fist in victory around colleagues. Win mad RESPECT at the water cooler with winning information on the healthcare problem!

Win mad RESPECT at the water cooler with winning information on the healthcare problem!

So, the post in question basically conveys that the healthcare payment processes [he calls it the billing cycle] is OVERLY CUMBERSOME but now, unfortunately, just “part of the picture.” Because of the billing cycle we have unaffordable care, notwithstanding Orwellian titles to a certain statute, and such is so because of what we do not RIGHTLY see which is right in front of our nose.

Check out the author’s use of humorous pictures and explanation to demonstrate this invaluable point that is OFTEN OVERLOOKED in all areas of what we call life, not just with healthcare.


As great economist Frederick Bastiat pointed out, and I paraphrase, it is in the interest of some to impose upon people and their markets, obstacles of a predictably manufactured nature so that those same people may present their own solutions to said obstacles and problems and thus gain, or as I say, secretly extort, “sales,” or in other words, the wealth of their buyers.

Bastiat talks much of plunder, both individual based and organized.

I am not sure that he calls the aforementioned plunder, but I will go forward and suggest quite strongly that such is an intentional derivative of plunder, a Frankenstein sort of monster that should have never seen the light of day.

Shooting fish in a barrel also appears to be idiomatically appropriate here then.

Hey, I’m just hoping something sticks.

Small boy fishing off of a pier. This mere child is more competitive, principled, and worthy of edifying in respects to his fishing prowess than the aforementioned losers

This mere child is more competitive, principled, and worthy of edifying in respects to his fishing prowess than the aforementioned losers

Also, please do think about this: isn’t it kind of anti-climactic and, um, weak, to kill prey that cannot have the chance to at least out-smart or otherwise overcome you? These fish in barrel shooters, both the literal and figurative sort, are kind of mean, rotten little worms, right?

I mean, come on, can you imagine what that sort of person is like in bed? And THEY manage to control YOU AND ME?

That does not seem right at all.

Anyway, thus, in short, we have come to really lose sight of what is incongruous and artificial in our healthcare picture! THAT IS THE POINT OF THE WHOLE POST above and beyond all else I think. Details are useful, for sure, but the BIG POINT is what ought not to go unnoticed.


Bastiat talked a lot of onerous utility being the key component to something actually being valuable [being USEFUL and VALUABLE are two different words and, at least in real economics, NOT without distinction], something therefore invoking the demand for significant remuneration to the provider as well as supply chain providers and servicers of service or product to have overcome the onerous nature of imposed obstacles so as to deliver to market.

In healthcare, what with the UNNECESSARY 3rd party “payers,” you have seen various ADDITIONAL cottage industries and, of course, loyal statists that bribe the state so as to secure favorable force, fraud, and coercion monopoly “law,” thereby, again, being able to “shoot fish in the barrel” in terms of market-making and profiting.


Is this the kind of value we really seek? If so, then I have asteroid insurance to sell you and maybe some giant meatball rain rider to the same. Also, there are riders that I may be able to help you to really score a great deal on, ones that cover, at long last, acts of Sumerian malignant interdimensional entities.

Quick, act now, especially all you commercial property owners, lest said entities unleash full-scale damages! DON’T GO UNCOVERED, OH GOODNESS, NO!

Seriously now, this whole risk-free society garbage that many of us acclimate to is bizarre, so the sort of coverage described does not really seem terribly out of the question. My lampooning it is not entirely original either, just in case you are wondering.


Back to shooting of fish in barrels again…consider the government jobs and government “in service of public” sovereign services solutions, which represent economic “interests” and therefore demands (for “free”, plundered stuff in their own right).

It all costs you and me money, right? Don’t these institutions and interests, NATURALLY, desire inefficiency for you and me to the extent that they benefit?

A person is trying to move an impossible large rock. Healthcare obstacles imposed create a demand for certain services to remove them. There are plenty of interests placing difficult obstacles in our path

Healthcare obstacles imposed create a demand for certain services to remove them. There are plenty of interests placing difficult obstacles in our path. Healthcare need not be this way!

Also, never forget the “non-profits” and all other manner of organizations, persons, or otherwise more easily said to be “interests,” in discerning the magnitude of moving parts and gears here, all of which largely support inefficient, highly price-inflated necessary services and products.

Oh, and they ALL think that there is illimitable booty to be plundered by the way. But geez, has anybody actually found a way to make money, or more appropriately, underlying and real wealth, grow on trees?

You know the answer, but their actions do not demonstrate that they do.

How does that make you feel? I don’t like it, I’ll tell you that much.


Video game controller being held with a television screen in the distance. Healthcare meet video games. Whether it be you or your video game character or BETTER get good at overcoming and avoiding dangers and obstacles!

Healthcare meet video games. Whether it be you or your video game character or avatar…you BETTER get good at overcoming and avoiding dangers and obstacles!

It is one HUGE negative feedback loop. It is so in this veritable stew of foolishness on part of “consumers” of care services and abject laziness and foolish greed on part of especially very large market players. This all takes place in a very rigged casino game where…you guessed it, the HOUSE almost always wins.

How ‘bout them apples?

Anyway, the obstacles to your healthcare delivery BUT ESPECIALLY purchase are LEGION (I’ll leave out the delivery part).

I sure hope you like video games.

Because I now refuse to offer another useful metaphor.

I mean, imagine you have to run a mile but you have to carry a 150 LB pack on your back the whole way while navigating minefields and avoiding sentient, poisonous mushrooms and other such things so as to resemble a Super Mario game.

And no, you get no star of invincibility so as to fearlessly and energetically advance to victory.

If you’re offended then go send a message to another useless congress person that is more than likely “on the take” to plunder from you, but hey, at least they tell you comforting things that you and I want to hear. What those people do, by just plundering is bad enough, but making it even worse still is that they are a sort of reverse Robin Hood. How does that make you feel? I don’t like it, I’ll tell you that much.

Anyway, what I portrayed in my little video game reference IS outrageous, but it DOES convey the message quite well I hope—and I also suggest it actually is not too far off the mark with just the 150 LB pack and minefield part at any rate.


Back to value; something is actually NOT valuable if it is largely a composition of gratuitous utility, such as in the generally affluent West as of the moment with regards to tap water.

However, whether such be naturally occurring or of a manufactured nature, once obstacles to delivery of the useful thing come about and such obstacles are not easily dispensed with (and such things do NOT, like in healthcare generally, have a convenient replacement solution found supplied in a different industry or market—also think of needs versus wants—cannot really NOT seek a solution to a true need, so, yes, you MUST deal with buying quite dearly and losing your shirt, if you must, in the process), such creates significant onerous utility and therefore NEED for allocations of human efforts, thoughts, and various resources, as well as entrepreneurial risks, all of which then INCREASE the VALUE of said thing, thereby necessitating an INCREASE IN PRICE. And with unaffordable price comes CONTROL.

Do you like being controlled? I don’t.

Now, in aggregate, such seems and truly is FOOLISH! There is LESS for all, right?



Liars, Looters, and Losers get their booty, or rather, yours (watch yourself!), they in so many other words, get to eat YOUR lunch.

And looters don’t share with the looted, in case you did not know.

But it wasn’t a “fair” fight you say?

Well, actually, maybe it was. It is so because you do have the ability and freedom to choose to discern truth and act upon it. And guess what? The “world” does not CARE if something is fair or not. If you consent to “unfair” treatment, to some sort of force, fraud, or coercive measure that succeeds in robbing you of something, then all just IS.


Does this sound kind of hopeless? Well, time to butter-up, cupcake.

Sure, there are pitfalls, false short cuts, booby traps, dead-ends, and so much else, but, as I learned in a certain movie, our falls come for a very good reason.

We must learn from our falls, our failures. This is why it is incumbent upon you to seek out the truth seekers and speakers, modern day prophets if you will.

Maybe you are one yourself in some manner.

It all does take effort, but the ones putting in the most effort are out there, and Sovereign Liberty Solutions is searching them out in earnest.

Let’s get back on track, to your lunch having been perhaps not so-unfairly eaten after all. This is when liars or minimally the deceived come in and say throughout mainstream financial media circles and in so many other places something a lot like this: it is THOSE SPECULATORS!

Yes, the evil speculators.

And gremlins, leprechauns, and the Easter Bunny.

Seriously, let’s get smart about perceiving the lies already.

I mean, this IS how former U.S. President Richard Nixon broke the back of the moribund (at the time) gold window (the last vestiges of a gold standard in currency)…he blamed the dollar’s troubles on dirty gold speculators. He also promised some stuff, like this:

“If you want to buy a foreign car or take a trip abroad, market conditions may cause your dollar to buy slightly less. But if you are among the overwhelming majority of Americans who buy American-made products in America, your dollar will be worth just as much tomorrow as it is today.” (Reference this)

Oh, yes. Nixon sort of promised no inflation.

That would be true except the dollar has lost a lot of value since 1971: 82% by some estimates! Only with outsourcing slave labor and massive technological advancements in productivity can you really even buy anything these days—innovations and other factors, luckily for you and me, has in some measure masked the disastrous fall of the US currency. The lies still stand out rather conspicuously to the discerning mind, however.

Back to task: these are all hideous lies and now just part of history now. Facts and history and the lessons which can be learned are always conveniently forgotten anyway.

I hope you saw in this little side discussion on the Nixon gold window fraud that politicians almost always lie. Many other powerful people and interests do as well. Remember that, and remember that very well as they continue to promise stuff that they cannot, if ever they would choose anyway, to deliver.

The lies, such as the “speculators” bit, just get refurbished like so many electronics and then recycled back into the foolish mainstream media for quick, convenient, and entertaining consumption.

Ah, yes, entertainment.

I mean, hey, food stuff has got to be fun now these days; lots of the TV advertisements I see when I am tortured with television features FUN as a very salient, positive FEATURE. Bread and circuses should ring a bell—be wary of being entertainment overload.


Yeah, well, I’ve heard that one before.

But not to worry, I am here to serve you after all.

And hopefully establish some points in which to profit by helping you to profit. Hey, if the organization profits, it expands and innovates and creates more potential value (Remember? Removing onerous obstacles and resolving problems on the path to a useful thing induces value) to YOU.

Voluntary exchange where both parties manage to accurately seek out, find, and lay legal claim to something of profitable nature–it can and does create a wonderful, virtuous cycle. It would be good to rinse, recycle, and repeat. This sort of trade forms a positive feedback loop.

It is true economics, win/win, not a stupid and artificial zero-sum game that Liars, Looters, and Losers have conjured and what, to this point, we individually in all too many ways consent to—but hey, Sovereign Liberty Solutions is working on this. So be sure to learn how to STAY TUNED.

Back on track with the value thing: when all of such occurs due to artificial, intentional efforts, as one can see presently in many markets, not simply healthcare but especially healthcare, then it becomes a VERY useful thing for individuals to DEMAND and act upon that same demand, the demand being an undeniable, adamant call for such to STOP, as such amounts essentially to CONSPIRACY, which is an indefensible action by any person or entity to engage in in a so-called “free” society.”

But such only BECOMES indefensible when individuals withdraw their consent. Have you decided to withdraw your consent?

I suggest reading more things such as what I referenced as well as what I have written.

Check out Sovereign Liberty Solutions’ BLOG for healthcare TRUTH and solutions.


There is no silver bullet solution; the closest thing is getting in tune to the economic and reality-based principles as to why money problems are manifesting.

SMS will offer different useful details and courses of action that may prove to be great solutions to your individual circumstances. However, that all amounts to a lot of posts, videos, and other content, which I am beginning to engage in…THAT, then, requires a duty on your part to submit yourself to personal onerous utility—SMS removes a lot, but you must STILL read, listen, and watch, and, above all else, THINK.

SMS will work to organize and streamline content as well as find and offer various valuable solutions. YOU will and must do the rest.

Peace of mind and good results for your wallet and health are available if you seek and act upon available or to-be-found solutions!  As always, the truth, in accurate information, will set you free!

The Truth shall set you free but not the Liars, Looters, and Losers with their legion and religion of lies, misinformation, and cynical promises of hope and change.

I will promise you this: I am, and by consequence, Sovereign Liberty Solutions will be, an equal opportunity resistor to any of the lies, wherever they may come from. A rose by any other name is still a rose, right?



Until next time,

Take care


Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

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