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Core Values

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Core Values

We are what we are: principled

Another Core values page? NOPE. It is understandable, what you were probably thinking. Seriously, there are a lot of jokers out there and corporate pleasant-speak. There is a lot of window-dressing and deception. Well, none of that is here. This is why we seek to strike at the root of fundamental problems–like a good comedian, nothing is off limits; in fact, sacred cows will with intention be scrutinized, as they very well should and need to be.

We TRULY believe in our core values. Founder and business manager, Matthew Scott, stands by his values, on his guiding principles. This CASCADES down through to Sovereign Liberty Solutions.

Are we serious?


Matthew would have never considered this organization and its mission to serve YOU. Americans are a people desperate for high quality solutions to resource and money problems. And those solutions we yearn for are NOT coming from those making the same old, predictable promises!

Furthermore, people are looking for information and solutions that truly WORK and do not just punt the problem.

Matthew worked for a very big health insurance company and had to quit. He knew that the nonsense could not continue and that he had to serve and truly add value. Somehow.

Sovereign Liberty Solutions was born of a strong desire to help and an unyielding attitude of respect for the dignity of the individual.

The individual truly has the ability to really make decisions, to choose, among other things, great healthcare at great prices. All the individual needs…is LIBERTY, initiative, and discernment.

Sovereign Liberty Solutions’ Core Values:

1) Integrity:

We do what we say. We honor our internal and external commitments.

2) Honesty:

We do not mislead. Your best interest and ours’ resides in being perfectly honest.

3) Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have done unto you. We deliver you peace of mind.

4) Servant-based Leadership:

Serving people. No ego trips, etc. We all have something valuable to offer. A leader is not one that lords over minions.

5) Tenacious:

We will serve you and the market when opportunity is present. Obstacles and risks are temporary and manageable through creativity and dedication.

6) Open-minded:

Strict formalities, cultural norms, and proclaimed inhibitions to our mission are to be regarded with care, but such cannot without question govern our endeavors. New paradigms come with a new world.

7) WIN/WIN or No Deal: 

We will create win/win situations with our readers, potential customers or donors, and other stakeholders. Take note that a fiduciary responsibility to the customer does not automatically entail seeking unreasonable redresses, concessions, or benefits from another party—we are ALL free to withhold service [principles of free association and DISassociation or separation] 

8) Security focused:

We respect the fact that you may entrust us with sensitive information. Utmost care is taken to protect this privileged information, if there should even be any. The relationship we have with you is one you can be confident about.

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               We all are winners with core values

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All win with a caring and can-do attitude towards all

Core values compass points to a positive future

  Our core values compass points to a positive future

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