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Can YOU Be Trusted With Your Health Care?

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Can YOU Be Trusted With Your Health Care?

by Dina Gerdeman | Forbes | November 12, 2015

Can YOU Be Trusted With Your Health Care?

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note:

Your health is important to you.

It is actually essential for you.

You cannot be you, in this body you possess, without at least adequate health, minimal working order of various parts to said body.

So, the featured article is very good, quite spot-on in concerns to what it aims to demonstrate.

This is all great, but something else is even more useful concerning it: I find the title used quite remarkable! [I have adapted it just a bit here, but I do refer to its original form as well as the adapted in regards to my judgment] 

Look at the situation! We, as individual owners of our very persons, by the healthcare systems that remove so much responsibility and security and ownership and incentive of the same over our own health, have very much demonstrated the DIRE NEED for such a headline to be used!

Do you really think it possible that YOU cannot be trusted in concerns to your own health? If so, the philosophical argument regarding ownership of body and all behavior, by another third party, without not only perpetual consent but even one-time consent, enters the picture. Then you’re talking about slavery. And I don’t think that is a useful thing here. 

Either it is slavery or individual human beings, notwithstanding age or maturation or whatever, are fundamentally dependent and fundamentally require the status of house pets to survive.

Well, I am pretty sure human beings have somehow gotten along just fine since we are all here, health secured by many, after so many generations already–and–wow–without the US healthcare system such as it is now, specifically with 3rd party billing cycle systems and so much unnecessary complexity, cost, and opportunity for plunder and error!

Health is absolutely essential to each of our continued corporeal existence. Each individual is better capable than any other of basically being his own general contractor for the most important project of all: self health. 

The author of the featured piece explains:

(…) healthcare consumers want different combinations of what Quelch calls the “five Es:” expertise, empathy, efficiency, economy, and empowerment. The preference for the precise mix of these elements differs from consumer to consumer, depending on patients’ individual needs.

“It probably also differs according to the situation, if it’s an emergency or it’s discretionary,” he said. “I’m convinced every consumer has a different profile and a profile that varies by situation and according to the patient’s life stage.”

Your health, whether it be quality or affordability, and both are vital, is NOT in good hands with the healthcare system such as it is. The incentives to find and purchase affordable, quality health care services just is not aligned to YOU.

Not only is it the case that you can be trusted with your own health and services related to it. You are also the best, most efficient and knowledgeable and naturally inclined by aligned incentives to achieve positive results!

Why are health care prices high, you ask?

The answer is that you’re MIA [missing in action!]

The solution is to get into action. Reading the featured article and checking out more of our free content is a good way to start.

Get in the game! Because it’s your health we are talking about! 


Consumers today have more control than ever over the way they choose goods and services—from browsing freely at grocery stores to managing their own financial assets.

Perhaps consumers should also have a greater sense of empowerment when it comes to their healthcare.

That was the essence of a presentation given at the fifth U.S.-China Health Summit at Harvard Medical School in September by John A. Quelch, the Charles Edward Wilson Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and Professor in Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

“I’m going to make some humble suggestions. I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV either. I have very little credibility here,” he joked. “But I do know something about consumers and consumer behavior.”

Quelch recalled how different grocery shopping was in the 1950s when he was a child tagging along with his mother at Sainsbury’s in England. Back then, shoppers visited different counters to request various foods, paying for cheese at the cheese counter, fruit at the fruit counter, and so on.

Years later, self-service became the norm, with consumers pushing their own carts around the supermarket, stopping to linger as long as they wanted or moving as quickly as they wished.

 “There is more choice available to the consumer than ever before, and choices are within an arm’s reach of desire,” Quelch said. “You don’t have to go through an intermediary to access these choices. Some people would contend that the consumer has more control.”

Similarly, consumers can have a greater say over how their financial assets are managed—from opting for a low-cost system of self-management with a company like Vanguard to spending more money to hire a firm like Merrill Lynch that has people actively managing their stock portfolios.

 “Neither one of these approaches is better or worse than the other,” Quelch said. “They cater to two different types of consumers.”


Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

Sovereign Liberty Solutions

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