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Beyond Obamacare: Local Franchises Offer Cheaper Medical Lab Tests

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Beyond Obamacare: Local Franchises Offer Cheaper Medical Lab Tests

by Shari Rudavsky| Indy Star | December 24, 2015

Beyond Obamacare: Local Franchises Offer Cheaper Medical Lab Tests

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note:

 These kinds of stories demonstrate a growing trend: businesses serving you and me well by NOT accepting insurance and the rather high cost to you, me, and healthcare professionals.

Take a look. This format to lab testing may be just what the doctor ordered for your wallet.


Until she lost her job and health insurance, Karen Bruce never thought twice about visiting hospital or commercial laboratories for the regular blood tests she needs to monitor her level of blood-thinning medication. Once she had to pay for the tests herself, however, she needed an alternative.

Bruce, who lives on Indianapolis’ Southside, found it at a Greenwood storefront, Any Lab Test Now.

A national chain, Any Lab Test Now offers a variety of medical tests, including lipid panels, paternity tests, drug tests and tests for sexually transmitted diseases, at a fraction of what most hospital and other major laboratories charge for the service.

In the past four years, Bruce estimates, Any Lab Test Now has saved her hundreds of dollars. At Any Lab Test Now, she pays about $20 a test, much less than what the hospital lab charged.

“For people who are unemployed and don’t have insurance, it’s just a nice way to have done what you need to be done without it being expensive,” said Bruce, 52.

That’s precisely the idea behind the company. Launched in 1992 in Atlanta, Any Lab Test Now started offering franchises in 2007. Now, the company has more than 150 locations across the United States, including four in Central Indiana.

Eventually the company hopes to have as many as 500 locations across the nation, said Clarissa Bradstock, chief executive officer of Any Lab Test Now.

Average clients tend to turn to the company for cheaper alternatives to mainstream medical testing facilities, said Jim Adams, who co-owns the Avon and Greenwood sites with his wife, Kristi. With the increasing popularity of high-deductible plans, business has grown in recent years, he said.

“The patients we’re able to help the most are the patients who do not have health insurance,” he said.

Even those who have health insurance may still balk at the high cost of lab tests done in a more traditional laboratory setting. Others may take advantage of having direct access to tests that can include food sensitivities and vitamin D testing.

The rise of the Internet and so-called health care consumerism, in which patients do not necessarily follow without question the recommendation of physicians, also has spurred business, Bradstock said.

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