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Americanism, not Globalism, will be our Credo: What Does it Mean?

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Americanism, not Globalism, will be our Credo: What Does it Mean?

Americanism, not Globalism, will be our Credo: What Does it Mean?


At long last there is a MAJOR competitive narrative to organization of human beings and ways of life. At long last, the vice-like grip that mainline, entrenched institutions and organizations and persons is weakening, even considerably. For as many problems as globalism surely presents, it would perhaps be seen as a positive that at last competition emerges and opportunities for convalescing changes sprout.

Many do not see it this way. Some more influential than others.

The basic boilerplate rejoinder to the Americanism statement or something akin to it seems to be the following:


First of all, not liking somebody does not present facts, evidence, or reason. There is zero argumentation here. And a person, no matter how detestable or whatever, if speaking a truth, still speaks a truth. As Shakespeare said, a rose by any other name is still a rose. So I advise to minimally suspend any particularly strong and blinding emotion as pertains to Donald Trump. Bare minimum he created a meaningful and galvanizing slogan and has decided to get out in front of and offer political leadership [when others cower before being called a mean sounding name and such] to a movement much maligned by propaganda, however intent YOU think he is on marrying action with rhetoric.

Now, let us look at the credo. It is not an abstruse or even unattractive credo, really, especially in light of direction which is inherent in it and the western world’s circumstances. Even cursory BUT HONEST assessments as to the health and viability of financial systems at present demonstrate this. Globalism is, of course, after all, a centralizing, subsuming [of smaller territorial compulsory monopoly units of final decision making aka “state”] economic as well as political and social force and integrated plan!

Brady Bunch 9 box picture collage of multi colored picture of Donald Trump.

“Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.”


However….GASP!!! Controversy!

In today’s “globalized world,” with a communications and educational systems indoctrinated citizenry of sorts, bamboozled by a cosmopolitan and utopian ideology, globalism and all that it entails appears inevitable…and preferable. Or at least any alternative is just intolerable in contrast.

This anti-globalist strain and trend, Americanism over in the US some may call it, just was not, per machinations of a world elite and the assumption of so many that do not generally question or think about big things, supposed to happen!


But the thing is this: human beings have historically differed greatly. 

Different folks, with different strokes one might say, not only separated for practical resource and technology reasons, but also due to certain perceived and/or actual incompatible differences as well as preferences for values and norms, ways to life.

And you know what?

Human beings are—no, every single INDIVIDUAL, is vastly different! So to think that ALL individuals of every walk, sect, and creed can not only tolerate each other, but live very close and be forced to have friendly associations with one another, is priceless in the naiveté! These friendly associations, including simply separating physically but still engaging in trade, best come about through voluntary association anyway.

If cosmopolitanism is ones thing, then such can and ought to come about with allowance for unlimited secession in principle, which means voluntary contract into association and mutually agreeable ways to life and usage of private property as deemed expedient. The thing is, though, there is a press instead to continue denying this freedom of association and separation found in unlimited secession and instead FORCIBLY INTEGRATE, leaving some who do not think about these matters, to conclude that their cosmopolitan TASTE is only served by advancing and maturing globalism!

But is this TASTE really a good reason, if there is any at all, to forcibly integrate peoples and to continue the other economic and political operations that belong to globalism? There being one centralizing, uncontested human organization that so greatly affects way of life is far from being viably stabilizing and productive of security, peace, and prosperity. So why continue to double down on it? Globalism is much more about control over people by a small assembly of persons and organizations than it is about all of the many communications and slogans otherwise [propaganda].


Picture of two representations, side by side, of what globalism is: one being all the world's people being agreeable and happy and the other revealing a small coterie of scheming looking men. Globalism is something quite different from the public relations produced narrative

Globalism is something quite different from the public relations produced narrative

Why is some promised cosmopolitan loving vision absolutely sledgehammered into each and every one of our little heads day in and day out, progressively more and more, for the span of several decades now? 

The outright deceit inherent in globalism can be properly and easily seen in the internet meme picture embedded above.

Why does the aura of inevitability go “forward” for so much time? If something is so great for people and conducive to peace and all of that happy horse crap, then why does the 20th century and the beginnings to the 21st show so very much mass death and private property rights and attendant individual liberty destruction? Why does such a great way of life and management of peoples and resources have to be finely controlled, with its very own and obvious propaganda creation and delivery systems AND simultaneous strategic efforts to eliminate and control news and other communications that contest the relevant narrative? If so very good, why is it not voluntary and essentially self-fueling from bottom up [individual level and then beyond]?

Such truly seems odd, does it not?


And now, most certainly illuminated in no uncertain terms, no longer gently and yet effectively and warningly whispered, but instead practically screamed, we are met with accusations of ostensibly the most violent of offences when questioning and, increasingly, challenging globalist religion, action, and results: hate crimes. [A crime is a crime due to unprovoked, initiated damage to or alteration of ownership and control of property; and property concerns oneself. Hate being involved means nothing in terms of the actual effects upon property. If the hate remains and violation or harm [damage or theft] of property does not, then such is NOT a crime, as there are simply no private property violations or damages. We individually have a right to discriminate based upon whatever criteria we may have, however much that may be distasteful or problematic for some people]

Look, I am NOT putting forth some call to hurt or get rid of any sort of person one way or another as in prohibition based on group or identity or anything outside of legitimate private property protection [For the sake of honesty, though, those that violate the non-aggression principle are those that freedom seeking people MUST be able to disassociate from and protect against, with whatever recourse seems necessary]. A RECENT POST OF MINE ADDRESSES PROBABLY ALL OF THESE CONCERNS.

I am also most certainly, notwithstanding the fine example as set by all too many that help to compose the “democratic” voice to these discussions, “literally Hitler.” Yes, that is a thing. Reason is in that state of disrepute for so many….

What I am doing is making it clear that GLOBALISM is not only NOT preferable as a utopian finality to history, or human development [how megalomaniacal is that, how presumptuous!]; it is TOTALLY destructive of and NOT conducive at all to vibrant, strong, and potentially [what I would think to be the fundamental desire to those that CLAIM to want it] diverse cultures. It is super consolidating and commoditizing of the individual. Just LOOK at not only the two  videos most previously linked but also the sheer constellation of facts that exist as to support the notion instead that those pushing globalism think of all of us as mere human resources to extract from their play farm.

The underlying globalist call to all is to conform to politically correct synthetic cosmology culture or else—there is no room at all for divergence of opinion and taste [no personal unacceptable attitudes, values, and beliefs] in regards to what is to never be questioned:

local and personal autonomy and preference must give way to a magical utopia of unending inclusiveness and watchful language and intolerance for such things as micro-aggressions.

In more simple language, basically everyone is supposed to forever walk on eggs, forever neurotic and submissive to authority in generally planned social hierarchies. We are to be fervently and either out of glee and perceived empowerment or cowardice and perceived social and other personal losses, [based on total acceptance or outward acceptance alone, respectively] hearkening to those claiming aggressively the most victimhood and alleging the greatest violence.

Oddly enough, despite what to me is the obviousness of the previous paragraph, one being a sort of anti-globalist is still labelled racist, xenophobic, and, well, you can pick any number of other trendy ad hominems.

Many of us, the anti-globalists, if you will, actually are the very sort that know what the consequences generally will be of diminishing globalism, that of decentralizing forces and moving towards private property again, and yet, contrary to the narrative, we desire still the same to have it be a world of diversity, choice, and freedom…if only human action should bring it about, which it most definitely would. The globalist route demonstrates something far removed from some sort of marketplace of ideas and transmission of the same.


Seriously, look at it this way. Even with a person that may be an unrepentant racist, the thing is, so long as such a person simply wishes to not be aggressed against and also purports to reciprocate the same “non-interference” to all, including those he is discriminative of for whatever the reasons and upon whatever the qualities or conditions, what terrible violent action has transacted, what private property rights have been violated? Well, unfortunately, facts, reason, and evidence face quite a challenge in the face of rhetoric in a world still somewhat bereft of a demand for quality dialectic and discernment.

Here is reality for many, still, due largely to propaganda:

One is an irremediable monster for having any sense of discernment, any desire for free association and free separation, for daring to at times even utter basic, undisputed statistics or question the bare minimum correlation between increased globalization and accompanying forced integration and DISMANTLING of localism and individualism with the decrease in human security and wealth production and sharing.

A veritable litany of nonsensical ad hominems spews, almost uncontrollably, when one even claims support to these things or of a person that represents. This does not even stop with lay people but goes all the way to political globalist agents. The hatred and opposition towards decentralizing ideas and peoples is considerable.


Now, what with #Brexit, the recent US presidential election, and some other interesting events ongoing in Europe, with their “European Union,” we see efforts underway, despite massive global communications and media systems attack, particularly with the ad hominems such as recent “conspiracy theorist” 2.0 innovation of this newest of centuries, “Fake News,” to DECENTRALIZE.

First step apparently is to get back to NATION STATES.

Now, though major communications and political media and figures declare intent on part of anyone desirous of DECENTRALIZING nationalism [as opposed to supra-nationalism or transnationalism or globalism] and movement towards localism and more autonomy as xenophobic or racist, the basic facts demonstrate that economic considerations and matters as regards to more feeling in control and able to live with reasonable security and welfare as well as freedom are more considerable.

With the sort of combines, interests, and peoples, including the social justice crowers and ad hominem hurlers on the street, so to speak, you hear very little of practical matters associative to autonomy and economy. In fact, these types, despite being quite repetitive, very liberal in the usage of terms such as “equality” and “democracy,” such, when looked through a more critical lens, shows up to be, dependent on the person or entity in question, spurious and or non-serious and ignorant and, unfortunately also, cynically calculative and misleading.

Globalism, for all of the various words, phrases, and clichés parroted and evangelized, there stands much more accurate, truthful, uncomfortable reality.

One could go on quite considerably, and at some point I will do so, probably with a video or podcast, but for now, please see to it to watch the most entertaining and accurate prophecy and revelation of globalism, as only celluloid film can deliver [also see video directly below].

Are human beings but mere cogs and gears? Are human beings worthy of autonomy or no? Are some human beings different from others?

These are critical questions that globalism, not localism, answers in a most uncomfortable way.

While Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, and Brexit and any and all incipient and percolating secessionist-in-spirit movements are up to this point only hitting hard on re-building the nation state as a symbol and operant political reality, the fact is that such draws human beings, if we individually should will it, closer to individual and perhaps and hopefully voluntary/self-selected autonomy and association.  

This, too, all in the clear and intent opposition of globalists institutions and other forces, which are most evidently coordinating and collaborating across national boundaries. The “Fake News” narrative and integrated marketing campaign [propaganda] is not even some innovation, something history does not already delineate; and so we are able to pretty accurately predict the consequences to come from such ambitious “public relations” endeavors! By all means, if you doubt the existence of government and corporate crony produced propaganda and “dirty tricks” which includes censorship and the like, please watch the video embedded at the very bottom of this post or watch it here!

In case you cannot tell, the consequences are not good for free speech warfare! Free speech destruction in the name of “security” is one of the oldest tricks in the book for totalitarian aggressors.



With all of its failings, intentional or not, of the US constitution, for example, one would be hard pressed to “throw out the baby with the bathwater” when it comes to the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Are there any documented and culturally significant and efficacious productions of some weight in the newer constructs of the supra-national globalist creation that is the European Union (EU)? Which is easier to struggle against in the pursuit of a more free world?

There are some in the United States, professed “Liberty” people, too, that go on pining for globalism or at least various key globalist arrangements such as “forced integration.” [but packaged as “open borders” or some other misleading nonsense]

Many of these people, I have found, and the organizations and media and persons that they follow to some degree, really go about giving a terrible name and reputation to the idea of a nation state and re-identifying and drawing again closer to it as an arrangement of relationships over the globalist, “open” one. Yet, with how representative  and accountable globalist systems and operators are [or not], as, again, can be so easily seen in this video, many liberty people, well-meaning as many are, go about assailing the very groundswell of support TOWARDS what they themselves actually want! The only difference is in the accepted “packaging” of the product in question: the narrative.

For that much all naysayers to the TRUMP and inseparable globalist media and political fallout/flailing phenomena should be more observant of and resourceful for—with knowledge one has power. Applying that knowledge brings the wisdom and THAT makes the difference. But one has to first be aware and appreciative of the knowledge.

None of what I write or say is to suggest that nationalism, including Americanism, cannot pose certain issues. History shows that such can be the case. Yet, when the only apparent option otherwise is more centralization…can it start to become maybe a little more productive to stop shitting all over decentralizing elements? The way I look at it is pretty simple: I see secessionism on the rise; I see Americanism and localism and even individualism, I see empowerment and possibility, as opposed to inevitability or defeat; I see adversity and adventure as opposed to boredom and demise.

Why not take the now low-hanging fruit and work from there? Why accept the ongoing mainstream globalist narratives and the various false premises? One cannot meaningfully serve liberty and advancement of a more free and peaceful world by blithely adhering to and propagating misleading, fallacious narratives and values that trend towards greater centralization and less autonomy and capacity for self-determination.


Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

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