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Sovereign Liberty Solutions: About

Sovereign Liberty Solutions, of umbrella organization Sovereign Money Solutions, LLC , is the product of great thought and deliberation. Its founder, Matthew Scott, spent several years working in the health insurance industry and studying not only that institution’s problems but that belonging to others’. Through Matthew’s experience, his reading, as well as his constant desire to learn and to improve, came the start of this organization.

Sovereign Liberty Solutions has been licensed in the past as a (State of Maine) Life and Health Insurance Consulting firm.

Who are we?

We are about empowering the individual. The individual, these days, confronts many money, or resource, problems. We are interested in exploring and identifying money solutions and other sovereign solutions as well! We are biased, for sure. Our bias is PRIVATE PROPERTY & INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY [AKA THE INDIVIDUAL and his RIGHTS.]

About Matthew Scott

Matthew decided to answer the call for advocacy of liberty based solutions and principles to the various conflicts and tensions in life that governments and other institutions have such difficulty in doing efficiently and well. Matthew came to realize that his talents, resources, and ambitions could best be put to use in a new, independent media company, one intent upon empowering individuals in all ways towards self empowerment.

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Matthew Scott, Sovereign Liberty Solutions’                                                  business manager and founder.

Sovereign Liberty Solutions

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