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31% of U.S. Govt Assets Are Student Loans!

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31% of U.S. Govt Assets Are Student Loans!

by Mike Flynn | Breitbart | February 27, 2016

31% of U.S. Govt Assets Are Student Loans

Sovereign Solutions Editor’s Note:

MORE “FREE STUFF!” “Boy, do I have a cure-all for ya yet” really OUGHT to be going through ones mind when such FREE STUFF swindlers and snake charmers worm themselves into your consciousness with unmitigated fraud and deception.

FREE STUFF: This is the consumer or the person being promised to–his or her battle cry, the sometimes unspoken but always most truthful translation in regards to so many people these days and a confirmation of their dis-empowerment, their external loci of control

This is the battle cry of people that would do well to seek areas of improvement and to put in effort and act upon the same; these are people especially that would do so well, and achieve morally upstanding, principled positive results in the areas of self-empowerment, and particularly so, with endeavor towards critical thinking and being engaged and disciplined upon such things.

However, what I just said would require not heeding the clarion call of SOMETHING FOR NOTHING through outsourcing of the VILE and WICKED act of PLUNDER.

But SOMETHING FOR NOTHING is just something too delicious for so many, and especially so in some circles, ergo the headline of the featured article and the incredible artificial climb of costs to American higher education markets. And, well, the bizarre and dangerous rise of the US government’s percentage share of “assets” being spectacularly poor debt instruments in the student loan monopoly that they have created and secured–read the featured article for MORE on that, that itself being of considerable financial and economic interest.

FREE STUFF: that’s the apparent answer, more and more, to perceived inequalities and problematic circumstances, whether such is on the individual or larger abstract “social” level.

Hasn’t anyone gotten the memo that NOTHING IS FREE?

For some, particularly the Bernie Sanders crowds and supporters, high and ever escalating college costs is easy to assign blame to: It’s just got to be those “millionaires and billionaires” making college so expensive. REALLY?

Class envy is rough. So also is not developing healthy, balanced self-esteem, not seeking self-empowerment and cultivating a win/win can-do attitude.

So many are not paying attention to such, to things in their own power, and this is absolutely devastating, more devastating than any crony system and any manner of initiated force, fraud, and coercion alone. Any real injustice pales in comparison to the ill effects secured to persons by way of their apathy, lethargy, poor attitude, and insecure as well defeatist mentality. Basically, in other words, it does NOT matter whatever injustices, real or imagined, that there are—YOU are not going to avail yourself of solid principles and adversity quotient, which DOES make true injustices and such bend down and submit!

I get it though. I can appreciate what is going on with people of these thoughts, wishes, and concerns.

But some vital facts just do not change, regardless of the obvious crony RUBE GOLDBERG systems! And, with higher education, such blatant calls and consideration for particularly further crony government intervention and market share acquisition is simply laughable, for it is all too obvious, as the featured article explains so well.

Low confidence and/or perhaps a very strong desire for SOMETHING FOR NOTHING is enticing, too addictive and entrancing for many. If you suffer from such, though, and it is quite a poor thing, then at least do not spread the effects of your misery and inaction and perceived and perhaps real [due to lack of effort or poor decisions or whatever] inadequacies to innocent and productive people!

Bare minimum, do not drag others down with a negative, defeated attitude, one quite useful, frankly, to the various systems, groups, and persons in human civilizations that divide and conquer to generally ill effect for individuals!

Despite some real umbrage to have with crony systems, groups, concerns, and individuals, the fact is that in the COLLEGE IS TOO EXPENSIVE case [a subject for another discussion entirely, perhaps a podcast in the future], those in the so-called private market at least, on their own and by solely their own means, have no real effect. Not so much at this point, as the featured article helps to demonstrate.


Hey, I’ll point out crony professional Liars, Looters, and Losers no matter where they are. However, this is an example of “UNFETTERED GOVERNMENT INTERVENTIONISM.”

“Unfettered” free markets, of course, as Bernie is so wont to use as a Pavlovian bell for captive followers, do not actually exist. But that does not stop the demagogue and others like him.

Cartels and crony industries, merged with government [mixed market, crony crapitalism, a variant of socialism or fascism but CERTAINLY not “unfettered” free market] is the general order of the day.

Well, that is until you get to such a great example of nearing unfettered government interventionism or socialism. Consider our theme here: the American higher education or college market.

I mean, how much more can college be a socialized economic sector than at present?

I guess, well, all private colleges can be abolished, and all “professors” and “teachers” can ONLY be government hired, trained, approved, rebuked and rewarded as purchaser demand dictates, and compensated. Does THAT sound like a good idea, BERNIE and other “something for nothing” “FREE STUFF” supporters? Does it sound at all possible? The near total omniscience required for such a feat is insane.

But some may say that single player would not happen and the like. BALDERDASH.

Single PAYER college would NOT be the end of it—-your so-called “FREE” college. Not FREE is right, because SOME person(s) or entity (ies), and by extension all taxpayers and users of dollars, pay for a thing—nothing is “FREE.” 

That bit aside, things NEVER stop at “single payer.”

“Single payer” [as with healthcare it would also be with college] would then evolve also into “SINGLE PLAYER.”

Single Player?

Yes, by Single Player I mean one purchaser/financier/procurement entity for all persons AND that very same entity [same thing if this entity contracts out, as it alone holds discretion and political decision] ALSO being the SOLE PLAYER, or, EMPLOYER, of various persons/sub-entities/etc. in regards to the underlying service/product conceptualization/delivery.

Do you see the massive CENTRALIZATION of what amounts to COMMUNISM—full scale State-based central means of conceptualization and production as well as distribution? Bad decisions magnify enormously! Just look at the decline of US healthcare! The thing is, regardless of the market, but obviously self evident upon inspection with healthcare markets, actual solid and realistic and truthful routes to solution is based upon MORE freedom, not less of it!

At least with more individual choice and discretion, on the so-called supply as well as demand side, such magnification does not take place! Diversification, decentralization of POWER is had with ACTUAL free market and the denial of subsidizing anything or anyone through forced taxation or the effects of such.

HENCE the value of ACTUAL unfettered free markets and voluntary arrangements without the threat and/or use of force… how can so many conceive of and, moreover, act upon extracting resources of others so as to re-invent and re-implement in an inevitably costly and inefficient as well as non-innovative centralized and politicized/crony-based fashion? AND expect, somehow and some way, actual positive results not only for themselves, but for so many more?

Do YOU really want monopoly COMPULSORY purchase and service delivery of “HIGHER EDUCATION?”

All things considered now, dare you say it will be affordable, of high quality and also tailored towards different needs/wants/tastes?

If so, prove your point.

The onus is not on people like me here. It is on YOU. I am NOT the one contracting out the force of monopoly state to get what I want here—YOU ARE. 

Yes, you are using FORCE against me as well as others!

How DARE you do that TO ME!  

And to make it worse, you DARE to insult me or those like me, that conceive that this is not only pure plunder, but plunder on the order of not even actually aiding your intentions—-you are figuratively shooting yourself in the foot with gangs of robbers, basically, that do not even give you the goods—so you have blood on your hands for contracting out violence “legally” and get not only nothing for it; no, rather, and way worse, you LOSE OUT BIG on daring to contract out the act of “legal” plunder.

I guess it is all just desserts though. 

So when you hear BERNIE or whomever speak vehemently against some bad man, imagined or otherwise, and then get offered, inevitably not long after, the promise of “FREE STUFF,” remember that the horrifying realities to come are just deserts for being not only so imprudent but also unprincipled.

Learn to leave people alone especially when you are not dealing with initiated force, fraud, and coercion; contracting out your dirty work to the monopoly on “legal” threat and violence to achieve plunder does NOT make you moral–it most certainly, contrary to much of what I hear from BERNIE supporters, does not make you MORE MORAL. How can you possibly be more moral when you attempt to do so with OTHER peoples’ stolen resources to begin with? It is incredible how deceived people are when it comes down to this stuff. 


(…) As part of the ObamaCare legislation, however, Congress voted to eliminate the private student loan market and have the government completely take over student loans.

“The Democratic majority decided, well look, while we’re at it, let’s have another Washington takeover,” Tennessee Senator Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN)said at the time. “Let’s take over the federal student loan program.”

The sweeping move received little attention at the time, as the political debate was consumed by the healthcare overhaul. The student loan takeover was simply tucked into the 2,000+ page legislation that enacted ObamaCare.

Student debt and college affordability has become one of the central debates in the Democrat Presidential primary. Hillary Clinton has made addressing the increase in student debt one of her main policy proposals. Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has won the hearts–if not the wallets–of young voters by promising free college tuition.

It is important to remember, however, that there is no cabal of private lenders or banks taking advantage of college students. It is the federal government itself that is in the business of providing student loans. The only involvement of private banks is under contract with the federal government to service or manage the loans.

This puts the federal government in an extraordinary position to work with higher education institutions to bring down the cost of college tuition. Through student loans, the federal government is by far the singlest largest “purchaser” of college tuition.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders employ rhetoric on the issue of college loans as if there is some mysterious and pernicious third party taking advantage of students struggling to pay for college. This is balderdash.

The federal government is the sole provider of student loans for college. The most direct way the federal government could affect college affordability is to tell universities and colleges that it won’t issue loans above a certain amount of tuition.

This would obviously horrify a major block of Democrat voters, but it would do far more to broaden accessibility to college.”

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Do you have any objections, thoughts, concerns, or contributions? I REALLY WANT TO KNOW. Help me to make this a conversation!

Together we can map out better solutions and truly navigate clearer paths towards quality services, low prices, and better lives.

Oh! And as always, if you find this post useful, do me and so many others a huge favor. When it comes to this kind of information: share and share alike! Information is meant to be disseminated wide and far.

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