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How do you look at the world and YOURSELF?

What do YOU do in this human world and within and around its institutions?

1) Easy, black and white, dualistic [OVERLY SIMPLISTIC, PATERNALISTIC]

You fully decide by choosing “right” over “wrong.” Things get taken care of. You do what you are told. Things will work out well if things “are right” and “not wrong.” Systems and authorities will take care to make things work, to make things better when such needs to happen. Following orders and obeying authority, so long as enough people do it, will yield great fruit without question. History is very predictable, and especially in sanguine societies, seen to be an unstoppable arch towards perfection, ultimately a sort of linear progression to a blissful finality with but a few blips and occasional obstacles that the right people and authorities will overcome


You are clay. You are not able to see what the artist sees, discern what the artist desires to do with you. The results that the artist achieves with you are simply not knowable, perhaps even to the artist himself. Chaos theory reigns absolutely supreme. History is a fool’s errand, something that is always written after the fact. Very little may be predicted or influenced except for one thing: stuff will go wrong, and you cannot do anything about it anyway

3) Dynamic yet influential [CAUSE AND EFFECT, LOCUS OF CONTROL IS FLUID]

You INFLUENCE. You are but one FACTOR though. Some consequences may be foreseen, some not so. Previous history aids with the former, which enables you primarily TO INFLUENCE as opposed to be BEING INFLUENCED. History in the long run will rhyme—large, institutional concerns rhyme; the discerning individual may be able to act more or less prudently or at least differently with potential to benefit, with knowledge of TRENDS.

It is CLEAR which way is the accurate and healthful way, the Sovereign Solutions way, to life, to perceiving reality and acting accordingly.

Which way do YOU choose?

If you choose the Sovereign Solutions way then you are hardcore about these things, which do entail self responsibility:

Thinking, accepting, doing, and newly reacting.

If you accept this, and wish to benefit from this empowering world reality, then Sovereign Liberty Solutions is here to help with powerful information and compelling solutions! Check out our BLOG and more.

I’ll leave you with the best general counsel, perhaps the greatest truism, for to accept the third world view is to TAKE ON responsibility, and THAT can be scary.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.”

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